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When Kyra's parents are killed in a plane crash her and her brothers and sisters are seperated far and wide but what happens when Kyra goes to live in America and her carers clients are certainly not expected. This will change her life forever and maybe she might start to realize she might have gained more than shes lost. But right now, her lifes about to explode but for better or for worse? Read on.


4. Ready to go

I woke up in Alexs arms and instantly remembered what had happened last night and let a faint smile grow on my lips at the thought that we would keep in touch every day. But then I remembered what was going to happen today.

Then I looked at Alex with a worried expression and slid away down stairs. When I checked the time it said 3:27am.. Really??

I never get up early but I really cant go back to sleep and he said to be up and ready for 7am so all of us would probably be up for 5 or 6. Well to be fair, I kind of need some time alone before Im surrounded by everyone and rushed off to America and seperated from my brothers and sisters.

Really it is hard to imagine not waking up and seeing their faces every morning but Im just gonna cope with it. Move on is what Ive got to do but who am I kidding? is it even possible to move on from this?

To try and take my mind off things, I get up and make myself some coffee and sit down at the table humming Adele's Someone like you. Why Adele? Its way too depressing for now! Switch to Angel's Beautiful. Thats better.

After humming loads of 'nice' and 'happy' songs for ages, I drink the last of my coffee and look at the time. It says 4:19am so I still have about 41 minutes before my peace is invaded by my brothers and sisters. Oh yay.

Anyways I done some more humming and thinking, realising it would be terrible but there were far worse problems than mine like world peace, hunger, child cruelty, animal cruelty.. I could go on forever but Im really not going to.

Since I had thinked and hummed and thinked and hummed for ages, I decided to check the time again and.. Fucking hell, it was 5:34am! I needed to get ready!

I strolled up the stairs silently so I didnt wake anybody but I walked straight into Alex as he was coming down the stairs, still half asleep.

"Hi Alex!" I chattered cheerfully.

"Morning..You're in a good mood?" He replied slepily but his tone was still full of doubt.

"Mmm... Not really just had a lot oif coffee and you know fine well what coffee does to me.."

He looked at me with a slightly confused expression so I explained for him.

"It makes me hyper.."

"Ohh yeah I might try that.."

"You should. Well Im going to go get ready ok?"

"Sure, bye."

"Bye!!" I say whilst running into my bedroom and then shut the door a little too loudly, almost slamming the door.

I put on my dark blue skinny jeans, 'GEEK' top and dark red blazers. My look is complete. This better make a good first impression on people I hope!

I put my blond hair into a messy fishtail plait to the side and then put foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss on. Happy to admit it but I look pretty good. After that I brushed my teeth and went to sit with Alex downstairs with our cases ready by our sides. It was already 6:43am so we shouted for the others after savouring a few minutes of silence together.

Sadly, they came noisily hurdling down the stairs with Rose and Ryan infront who didnt seem to understand what was happening (they thought they were going on a extra long holiday)  and Riley trailing behind them, dumped with all three suitcases. We didnt notice the shiny tearstains on her cheeks.

Me and Alex chuckled at her. It was the first time in weeks we'd did that.

We all stood together for a nice long last group hug but Rose and Ryan were saying "Its not that bad, we are only going on holiday for a bit!" Me and Alex shared a look and then I knew we were thinking the same thing - They have no idea whats happening, I wish I was them.















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