Everything about Lou

When Kyra's parents are killed in a plane crash her and her brothers and sisters are seperated far and wide but what happens when Kyra goes to live in America and her carers clients are certainly not expected. This will change her life forever and maybe she might start to realize she might have gained more than shes lost. But right now, her lifes about to explode but for better or for worse? Read on.


2. My problem?

You see, Im not normally sad. I used to live a quite nice, happy, carefree and peaceful life. Used to.

A couple of weeks ago my parents funeral was held. We never thought that when we were saying goodbye at the airport as they went to go to Hawaii for a 'romantic getaway' that we would be saying goodbye forever.

The thing is that there was an equipment failure on their airplane, the one that went crashing down into the sea leaving us six kids here in England with no family left. Mam and Dads funeral has been and we are apparently lucky as we are all being adopted even though we have only been in care for a short amount of time. But I dont feel so lucky. None of us do.

Our problem is that we may be getting adopted, but by different people. Nick, our social worker, has tried and tried again to get someone but 'its just not happening' so we have to be split up.

Lily is going to London, Rose is going to Bradford, Riley is going to Edinburgh, Ryan is going to Carlisle, Alex is going to Mullingar and I am going to LA.

Mine is so different and far away but they say Im lucky. I hate it and my life has been turned upside down and it is horrible.



Hey sorry this chapters kind of short and boring but the following will be well at least acceptable ok???

bye xxx

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