Broken Trust

I trusted him. I told Him that I loved him. He said it back. Why did I believe a word he said? I'm so stupid! He told me I was the only one for Him. I knew something weird was going on. But I just don't understand It. I thought our love was true. Did I do something wrong? I don't think so.. It doesn't even matter though. My trust is broken... No one can earn it back...


2. By your side.

Justin's Point of View~

"Yeah. I'll be there in a little bit." I replied. I was getting ready to go out with my friends, to the movies. "Dude, we are going to be late if you don't hurry." I looked back at the clock to see the time. He's right. "Chaz, chill I will be there in a few minutes." I told him. He sighed. "Alright. We'll meet you outside." I hung up the phone, and grabbed my jacket. I searched my pockets for my keys, but no luck. I must have left them upstairs. I quickly ran up the stairs, trying not to trip. I walked into my room, to see them on the nightstand. I put them in my pocket and headed to the  front door. I opened it and stopped to find a girl, crying about to knock on the door. Julie.


I opened my mouth slightly looking at her.I pushed the door open more, and welcomed her with open arms. She was quick to accept them, and started crying into my shoulder.I wrapped my arms around her, and started rubbing her back with my hand, in attempt to comfort her. It seemed to help a little, but not much. What happened? Who did this to her? I position my arms around her, and picked her up bridal style.I walked her over to my couch, and sat down. With her now in my lap.I wanted to ask her what was wrong so badly, but I knew that now, she just needs someone to be there. We can talk later.She now had her arms wrapped around my neck, her face still buried in my chest. I whispered some comforting words to her. I told her that everything would be okay, and that I am here for her.I was interrupted by my thoughts, when my phone rang.Julie slightly lifted her head, and waited for me to pick it up. She let out a slight cough and sniffled. "Aren't you going to answer it?" She asked me. Her voice clearly filled with hurt.This was the first time we had really spoken since she came. I shook my head. "It can wait." I told her.She looked up at me. I could see the innocence in her eyes. Her kind, gentle, beautiful blue eyes...


I looked down at her and let out a slight smile. She let out a slight one too. I cupped her face with my hands, and wiped some tears with my thumbs. She mouthed the words "Thank you.", and I nodded sending her a you're welcome.I sat up straighter. "You know..." I started, causing her to look up at me. " If you don't cheer up, I might just have to tickle you..." She looked at me, wide eyed. "No..Justin don't-" I didn't even let her finish. The air now filled with her squealed laughter, that I loved to hear so much. I couldn't help but laugh at her attempt to get free, and her now REALLY high pitched laughter.After a couple minutes, I decided to have some mercy on her. She sat up again, still letting out some giggles as she gasped for breath.I let some out as well. I looked to see a big smile spread on her face. "There it is! There's that beautiful smile!" I said. She looked down a little. clearly, blushing a bright pink. She started coughing a little bit. "Would you like something to drink?" I questioned. She kept her hand over her mouth, as she continued coughing, and nodded. I picked her up off of my lap, and gently set her back on the couch.I walked into the kitchen, and poured a glass of water. I walked up and handed it to her. She took it and smiled. "Thanks." I nodded. I sat next to her, and figured this was the perfect time to talk. "So...If you don't mind my asking, what happened?" She took a big gulp of water and set the cup down. She let out a sigh. She told me everything . With each word she spoke I got more, and more pissed.

By the time she was done explaining, I saw a tear escape her eyes. "Julie." I started. She placed her head in her hands. "What?" She asked, barely audible."Look at me." I told her. She looked at me in the corner of her eyes."All the way." She sighed. "Justin-" I picked her, forcing her to look at me. "Julie. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known. The real question, is who couldn't love you? Your not only gorgeous on the outside, you are on the inside as are kind, smart, loveable, sweet. You are worth more than gold. You are my diamond, Julie." I stated. I know that you are probably thinking I love her. I do. We won't ever be anything than friends though. Her trust is already broken. She let out a smile.She scooted closer and pulled me into a hug.I so badly wanted to tell her how I felt, but I know the answer. She will have to see, that not everyone is going to hurt her.


I ran my fingers through her hair. I  had my arms wrapped around her back, as we sat on my bed in my room. We were watching one of her favorite movies. White chicks.It always made her laugh. I couldn't help but smile everytime I heard her giggle. She had the most lovely voice. I love her, even if she doesn't love me back. I will show her. I will prove to her, that sh will always be able to trust me. I will always stand by her. By her side. No matter what. Don't believe me? Try me. I will do anything, because wouldn't you? I guarantee that you would do anything in the world to make the ones you love feel better.To hold them, and be able to them everything is okay. Don't doubt Justin Bieber. I always keep my word. 

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