Broken Trust

I trusted him. I told Him that I loved him. He said it back. Why did I believe a word he said? I'm so stupid! He told me I was the only one for Him. I knew something weird was going on. But I just don't understand It. I thought our love was true. Did I do something wrong? I don't think so.. It doesn't even matter though. My trust is broken... No one can earn it back...


1. All This Time.

"Alright baby I'll Talk to you Later." He told me. I was on the phone, with my boyfriend, Sean. We have been dating for almost two years now! I can't wait till tonight! I am supposed to go over to his house for dinner. Tonight, Is going to be perfect!

Julie: "Okay, I'll see you tonight! I Love you!"

Sean: "Yeah, I love you too baby."

Julie: "Bye"

Sean: "Bye"

I pressed the end button on my phone, and set it down on the table.Time to get ready! I walked to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I turned on the water, adjusting it to just the right temperature. I got in the shower, letting the water flow right over me. I was done about 10 minutes later. As I stepped out, I wrapped a towel around myself, and headed back to my room.I searched through my closet looking for the perfect outfit for the perfect date. I finally decided to put on an all over lace tank dress with a tendril skirt and a mint ribbon sash, I had gotten at Debs for my birthday. I pulled out my make-up kit, and started to put on a light coat of mascara. I followed, with some lipstick and blush. I put in my earrings and heels, and went downstairs. I got some water and sat down on the couch. I turned on pretty little liars,and watched it for a little while. I couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't wait another hour to go to his house. Maybe he won't mind if i show up a little early? I should probably call first though. I picked my phone off of the table, and dialed his number. I sat there waiting to hear his voice, with the biggest smile on my face. "Hey It's Sean. You know what to do." Beeeep. 


Great. Voice mail. I guess I'll just head over then. I'll just surprise him! Yeah, He'll love it! I turned off the television, and grabbed the gift I got him, as well as my keys. I walked outside to my car, getting in the driver's seat. I set the present in the passenger seat, and buckled up.I put my key in, and turned it. Bringing the car to life. A couple of minutes later, I pulled up in front of his light blue house. I got out of the car and eagerly walked to the front door. I went to knock, when I heard some noise coming from inside. I looked up to see the window upstairs open. I walked inside.

Julie: "Sean? Is everything okay?"

I looked around searching for him. I walked over to his bedroom door. I reached for it and stopped when I heard voices.

????: "Oh Sean. I love you baby."

Sean: "Oh I love you too"

???: "Don't stop. Keep going"

I heard moaning. Is he....? No. No. I kicked the door open. And I couldn't believe what I saw. He was on top of her, in just his boxers, her just her bra and underwear. Making out.

Julie: SEAN?

He turned and looked at me.

Sean: Julie?! What are you doing here!"

Julie: " I came early because I wanted to see you!"

He got up and stopped right in front of me.

Sean: " Well, I don't want to see you."

Julie: "What are you saying?"

Sean: I'm saying...Get the fuck out bitch!" 

Julie: "I thought you Loved me..." 

Sean: "Guess what? You thought wrong. I never loved you! Who could?!"

Julie: "Why would you do this to me?!"

Sean: " Look you fucking whore, were done. I found someone else to Fuck."

Julie: "What?! Your fucking messed up you asshole!"

His narrowed his eyes. and then I felt a stinging pain across my face. I put my hand on my cheek to feel a red bump.

Sean: " Don't you ever talk to me like that again!"

Julie: Don't worry about it! Because I'm never talking to you again!"

I turned around and ran out of the house, slamming the door behind me.I got into my car and started crying my eyes out.Why? I thought he loved me... I knew he was trouble... How could I be so stupid? All this time, I thought I found the one. Someone I could actually trust.... Whatever. I'm done. I turned the key and drove to the place where I knew I would be loved and never be pushed away. Justin's.

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