My Baby-sitter Niall Horan (Sequel)

Alison has escaped for almost 2 years. But not everything turns alright when she starts college. The boys are back and this time Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn are all after her. Is her love for Niall going to end? Read to find out! Sorry for the sucky description


5. Louis' Terrible Jokes

Niall's P.O.V.

I still can't believe Alison's back, I never thought that we'd be meeting again. I've already lost hope a few months ago, but here she is. Breathing in the same air as me, oh god that sounded kinda creepy. Well, what happened yesterday in the cafeteria was hilarious, I had to hold my laughter and tears for so long. She's grown so much, her hair's much longer and she looks more mature. When's she ever going to forgive me.

"Niall! Hurry up in the bathroom!" Liam yelled, he was also my roommate. Poor Zayn, he got stuck with someone named Max, I think he's like in a band called The Wanted. What a stupid name.

"Ok gosh Liam!" I shouted back, watching the hot water hit my skin. After a few minutes, I decided to finally come out. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my waist. I unlocked the bathroom door and went to sit on my bunk. The bed's so not comfortable! I changed into new, fresh clothes as I looked at the time on my phone. 7:39. We still have 40 minutes and our dorm is only 5 minutes or less from the campus.

I heard a girly laugh coming from behind the door. Wonder who it is. I grabbed my books and opened the door to see Louis joking with the rest of the boys and Alison. I awkwardly locked the door as her stare stayed on me. The look on her face was emtionless, almost like she didn't know me.

"Sooooo, whatcha talking bout?" I asked, my Irish accent showing.

"Oh you know. Why did the mushroom go to the party?" Louis asked. Jesus Christ, he's gonna start off on his terrible jokes again. Sometimes, it's even worse than Harry's, and Harry's jokes are just stupid. Everyone always laughed at his jokes though, but not how much it was, we laughed because of how stupid his jokes were.


"I don't know mate."

"Because it was a fungi! Duhhhhh!" He said, like it was so obvious. Only he would think of something like that. Again, the melodic laugh filled my ears. I can't stop wanting to hear it again, it's like wanting to listen to the song that's been stuck in your mind all day long.

"Well I'm just gonna leave now. I'll see all of you after school since I'm the only one that has different schedules." I looked at the paper in my hand, better start making more friends so I won't be lonely. I sighed, making my way down the stairs.

Another long day waiting ahead. But little did he know who's gonna be there.

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