My Baby-sitter Niall Horan (Sequel)

Alison has escaped for almost 2 years. But not everything turns alright when she starts college. The boys are back and this time Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn are all after her. Is her love for Niall going to end? Read to find out! Sorry for the sucky description


2. First Day Of School (Part 2)

Alison's P.O.V.

The name One Direction kept on popping into my mind. I'm sure I haven't heard of the name before but there's just something making to find out more about One Direction. It's like magnet pulling me to found out their names and their backgrounds. I noticed that I've been standing in the middle of the hallway as people walked by giving me quick glances. But I felt someone staring at me, or it's just my imaginary. I looked around for the person but he turned around not giving me a look of his face. Well he didn't see my face either since he was facing my back.

"Ali? Hello?" I winced at the nickname. Only they called me that, I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded at Finn. We kept walking until my first class. Music. I walked into the class to see girls surrounding a group of people. I tried to peep at the group but the girls were taller than me. I just sighed and went to sit at the back of the glass. Finn took the seat next to me and I unlocked my iPhone 5 to check my twitter. I took a picture of me and Finn and posted it, tagging him in it.

The bell rang and everyone quickly hurried to their seats. The teacher walked in. She wore a tight shirt, and holy shit! Her shorts are like up to her butt. I faked coughed saying slut in between the coughs making everyone laugh. The teacher turned to me and glared.

"I'm Miss Swift and I'll be your music teacher for the rest of the year." Some people groaned and the pervs of course, smirked. Good for her, she's getting some this year.

The class went by fast and our homework was to come up with a song by next Monday. Perfect, I have enough time to finish it.


I walked into the large cafeteria, everyone was chattering and gossiping about stuff. I went to line to get my food as I looked for a table to sit in. There was a perfectly empty table in the middle of the cafeteria, people seemed to look at it but no one dared to sit there. Well it'll be taken by me then!

I held my tray as I walked over to the table. I set the tray on the table as I took out my phone and started texting my best friend Eliana. She was supposed to come to school today but her plane got delayed. Bummer.

I was just savoring the delicious food when a group walked into the cafeteria. Everyone seemed to stop eating and look at them as they were celebrities. They were far away and so it was hard to see. But I could see 5 figures coming my way, I just kept my head down and keep on eating. Nice Alison, the day is going smooth. I heard the tables near by mine start whispering and some started pitying for me. I mentally face palmed myself for being so stupid. But YOLO!

"HEY YOU!" A voice shouted. Oh god, I looked down at my food, no more apetite.

"What do you want?" I said still not looking up at them. The voice sounded so familiar.

"Why're you sitting at our table?" Another voice asked. It sounded like so much like them.

I slowly moved up my head to be meet by the most unwanted people in my life ever. They stood frozen on their spot and I heard gasps. I was going to run away, but I was frozen too. They were here.



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