My Baby-sitter Niall Horan (Sequel)

Alison has escaped for almost 2 years. But not everything turns alright when she starts college. The boys are back and this time Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn are all after her. Is her love for Niall going to end? Read to find out! Sorry for the sucky description


1. First Day Of School (Part 1)

Alison's P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open as the sun hit my face. I've found an small apartment close to the college and I'll be moving in there soon. I've also got a job in Starbucks and I get paid. Life is great, I never thought I'd be leaving home by the age of 17. Now I'm 19, and I'm much more responsible than before. I laid back in my bed before falling asleep again. The alarm starts ringing and I grabbed and threw it across the room.

It took forever to get out of bed but I got ready pretty fast. I made a toast and stuffed it into my mouth and left for school.


I stood behind the door of the principle's office. I knocked on the wooden door lightly as a husky voice came from behind. Damn, I get scared by just listening to his voice. I opened the door to see an mid aged man sitting on the couch.

"Hi. Umm I'm Alison Payne. I'm new here." I said shyly. He looked into his drawers and took out a bunch of files and looked through them.

"Ah, you're Alison." He nodded and handed me my schedule. I'm in the music department so almost everything will be involving music. I looked at my lunch schedule which was around 12, perfect. What? Don't judge me, I love my food.

"Oh and since this is your first day here. Finn here will be showing you around." He smiled as he pointed to a brown haired guy standing by the doorway. He was kinda cute, but not Niall cute. I quickly shook my head at the thought of them. They're gone. They're not here.

"Thank you." I thanked him as Finn and I left the office together.

"I'm Finn Harries and I'm a sophomore." He introduced himself as we walked to the music part of the school.

"Alison Payne. So are you doing music too?" I asked.

"Yeah. And we have all classes together." He said as we passed a little group. I turned around and took a second glance at the group. Curls. They looked so familiar. NO! Alison, they're not here.

"Oh that's One Direction. That's what they're called." I nodded, remembering the new information in my head.

Well this is going to be a long day.

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