Complicated love

Darcy is bff's with one direction there all like family to her but will things get complex when one of the band members falls for? Read to find out!!!!


2. Who's this?

      When we arrive at my house i show them to there room's Liam and zayn share the room with the bunk beds then harry and Niall get there own rooms then i realize louis dozen't have a room, what ever we'll share a room i mean we slept with each other when we had sleepovers."lou u'll have to share a room with me." "kk Darcy bear" woah he hasn't called me that in a while. 


                                 -Skip to morning-


I wake up to the boys around my bed and them with my cell phone HE calls her what? lou screams looking at my screen. "GUYS WHAT THE HECK?" I yell.  " Who is this key guy?" Lou says sternly " My boyfriend i say with my head down " YOUR WHAT AND HE CALLS YOU THESE HORRIBLE THINGS?" He screams " ok look he's not the best boyfriend ever but i can't brake up with him!" tears stream down my face " why Liam asks  "Because he'll hurt me" I manage to choke out . lou loses it he jerks up and runs out of the room. "Brake up with him" zayn whispers "But he'll hu-" harry cuts me of " We won't let him" "Ok I say" I pick my phone up and put it on speaker lou walks in he dosen't say anything. I dial kevin's number (my abusive boyfriend) one ring, to rings , Hello? he says " kevin where over" I whisper "It's over when i say it's over he screams he slams the phone down "Guys you know he'll probably come over here now i whisper "ya they all whisper"  

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