Complicated love

Darcy is bff's with one direction there all like family to her but will things get complex when one of the band members falls for? Read to find out!!!!


1. Reunited


Today was the day i thought to my self.

I was so exited today i would be reunited with my five bff's Louis,Niall,Liam,harry,and zayn. It's been four long years since i saw them i mean we called ,texted, and skyped every year but it just wasn't the same there was this feeling inside of me that was killing me i needed to see them . We have been friends since literally the begging of are lives.All of are mom's where best friends and then they had us and so we just ended up hanging out a lot and so we became best friends. But then they went and auditioned. I didn't have alot of money to go to the x factor with them to support them so i wishes them the best of luck for long years ago. i pulled on some faded red jeans a black tank top and black vans. I curled my long red hair and applied some make up. i grab my phone and race down the stairs, i grab my keys and i lock up my house and hop into my car. floor my car out of the drive way. ow givin me a  giving me a heart attack. I grab my phone as i race towards the air port. A smile creeps onto my face when i see its from lou. "Hey love where in the air port just got of place see ya soon :) " " Im bout to come i n  see ya in there :) " I was so nervous i haven't seen them in four years! I'm shoving my way threw paparazzi i know it's for my babe's it has to be i mean there one of the best boy bands . Then i  see them my heart stops   ,then louis turns he see's me i cant move then i snap back into reality i run over to him and almost knock him to the ground. I start crying a little because i haven't see, touched, or been with them in a long time " i missed you so much i say into his neck "i missed you to Darcy" *cough* *cough* I looked up to see the rest of the boys sitting there "omg guys" i run up to each one of them and hug the life out of them "omg guys i love and missed you so much" i say almost on the edge of tears.


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