You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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14. Words

They say the world stops when a loved one dies. Is that the truth or do we just trying to mask the pain that we suffer? When my granddad pasted away. I stood there waiting for everything to be silent and still just for a second. I soon then realised the people around us don't care the world keeps on spinning and the people keep on living.


Harry's P.O.V

She just lays there still. Like all the other times I have seen her lay there in the same room day after day but this time was different we knew the cause. Cancer. How can one word, scary anyone who comes across it. The disease that cant be cured, the hope that maybe this isn't the end, then it takes away your loved one so swiftly that not even a goodbye is uttered. She lays there still as before. How long will I have with her? Will she survive? words and doctors notes swirl around my head like a silent merry go round that is rusty and worn with no childish giggles or laughter to be seen.

 I love you! seems to late to tell her but the thoughts of the past come back to haut me is this the end.  How will I cope? 3 words cant stand up against this fight she has ahead.




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This is such a short but meaningful chapter cancer has ruined so many families and its had a huge impact on my families lives. If you have any comments on this chapter or the book so far please comment means a lot :)

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my book!!!!!!

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