You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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2. The O2

It's the day of the concert and I'm looking out the window staring at the blood red sunset sky. I smile then grab my guitar and gently pick at the chord strings. Then my phones starts to ring. "Hello?" "Em you nearly ready?" "Oh yeah yeah I am" "right we are gunna come an pick you up be there in five" before I can answer she hangs up. I then drag myself to my wardrobe and puck out a crop top and some skinny jeans. I then take my hair out of my high ponytail and ruffle it until it sits in place. I hear a car horn I run down stairs grab my denim coat and shove on my black and white converses and walk out the door yelling "see ya tomorrow" to my parents. 

Molly's mum drops us outside polgate  train station. Me and Molly make out way to the ticket machine. "Wow I hate these things" "look pass your card here..... See simple" "brilliant" I say sarcastically. Molly then laughs at me. We get on the train and I then get out my iPod and start to write notes on lyric ideas, I look over at Molly who has her heat magazine out on the 'best torso of the week' page. I see the sun as if it were half a orange slice, the wind brushes through the trees as if the branches were strands of hair. An hour later the train comes to a halt, Molly nudges me and screeches "omg it's the O2" I look out the window and see and massive rounded tent. My jaw is hung open in amazement. "See I knew you would like it" I look at her "I like the arena not the band" "there is not hope for you" we both laugh and I say "you mean there is no hope for you". 

We made our way into the arena giving our tickets to big hunky men dressed in black. We sat in our seats. "Omg this is so exciting" I look at Molly and see her eyes sparkling with excitement and I then smile at her. "Yeah I know it is" I say back. Suddenly there was thousands of screams from every direction I covered my ears and I thought my ear drums were going to burst. The music started to play and Molly was jumping around like a looney. I looked over the balcony and around the arena thinking about how I wanted to perform here, think would and audience like this come and watch me. Soon rater than later the concert had finished and Molly was babbling in my ear about how amazing 'one direction' was. I was still thinking about the arena and how I would perform etc. 

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