You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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10. That night

I drove home thinking about emilly and how much fun we had together I love her and I have just destroyed our relationship this killed me. When I got back to the tour bus I walked straight to my bunk. I then found A flower petal which was from the bouquet I gave to her mum for her to give to Emily. An hour later Louis comes over to me "come on hazza let's go out for a drink it will take your mind off things" I thought about it for a second then answered "yeah alright then".

So me and the lads go into London and one of the popular night clubs. Emily is still on my mind and the guys can sense this. We go up to the bar and get our first round of drinks.  I slouch on the bar side and stare into the crowd.10 minutes later we start to order some more drinks by this time I'm quite tipsy as this is my fifth drink. My eyes then meet with a girls. She is tall and thin. My mind plays tricks on me and I think I see Emily in the crowd. But it's not her. This girl then strolls up besides my and whispers in my ear come dance with me. I don't hesitate and wonder off into the dancing crowd. I keep thinking I'm dancing with Emily. Later in the night, this girl drags me outside the club and we start to make out. I then see lots of flashing lights behind me: I turn around a see a crowd of pappazi. I sheild my eyes from the bright white flashing lights. I start to stagger back into the club but I'm then surrounded by millions of screaming girls I cover my ears from the sharp high pitched noises. Then I see a big built guy coming towards me it's Paul. I feel myself being dragged and tugged on then I'm suddenly in the black. 

Emily's P.O.V 

I wake up thinking about what happened yesterday and what I said and did to Harry. I decide to go for a walk to take my mind off what happened. As I walk into the shopping centre I see big posters and magzines with Harry's face all over it. I immediately pick up a magzine and start to read about what Harry did last night. I'm some what heart broken. I can feel my heart hard against my chest and tears start to angrily roll down my cheeks my breathing starts to become shallow. I feel myself drop to the floor and my head hits the hard cold ground my eyes gently close. 

Harry's P.O.V 

i wake up with a soar head and the smell of alchol on my shirt. I go out and get a coffee in the cafe opposite our hotel. I see posters with my name all over them, i take no notce. I walk into the cafe and order a strong cup of coffee. I then sit down in the corner of the cafe. A magzine lays on the table and i see it has my name all over it I then see myself kissing someone I then look in the magazine and I'm shocked. I don't remember any of what happened last night. Emily then pops into my head. I pull out my phone and see I have a new message it's from Emily. I open the message and see it is from Emily's mum. It says "emily is in hospital I think you should come and see her see is very ill" my heart then skips a beat of terror and heart break and worry. 

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