You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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13. One last trip

So we are on the road , me, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and the rest of their crew. I am literally so excited. This is the most reckless and daring thing I have ever done. My life is back on the role. There is one thing I miss the most and that's my music. I spent most my life living, breathing, making music and its all just seemed to disappear. However, I'm here where there is musical instruments everywhere. So one morning I get up really early and creep out of the hotel and into the stadium. I'm backstage and wondering round its so silent. Then I see a lonely guitar behind a curtain. I run out into this huge open space. I look up and see millions of thousands of seats all empty. A shiver of pure excitement fills me, from head to toe. I then grab the guitar and sit, crossed legged in the middle of the stage. As my hands feel the guitar strings my fingers push hard against a single fret.

Another day another life
Passes by just like mine
It's not complicated

Another mind
Another soul
Another body to grow old
It's not complicated

Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?
Float down
Like autumn leaves
Hush now
Close your eyes before the sleep
And you're miles away
And yesterday you were here with me

Another tear

Another cry
Another place for us to die
It's not complicated

Another life that's gone to waste
Another light lost from your face
It's complicated.....


As my voice fades in with the gentle sound of the acoustic guitar. A dark figure appears from behind the curtains. Its Harry.

"umm hey sorry I just really wanted to get my music back"

"Em why did you never tell me about your voice your seriously talented"

"you serious?" I say in utter shock

"obviously I am"

"that means a lot Harry I......" I suddenly feel so sick I look out at the empty seats I inhale a breath and fall to the ground............

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