You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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12. Life goes on

After spending days on end stuck in this hell whole called a hospital I just wanted to get out I knew that something was wrong. I got headaches more frequently and was sick twice a day. But I didn't bother telling anyone.I was getting the medication I needed.  Harry had been amazing he came to visit me every day, except recently because him and the rest of his band are touring so its hard for him to get out. But I don't mind he usually drops me a few sweet texts.

As usual I was sitting on the hard, concrete hospital bed reading a magazine. I was so bored, more than usual. Every time I heard footsteps I would look at the door as the footsteps approached, hoping that it would be harry. Today was the same I kept hearing footsteps. One pair of footsteps seemed to approach my door slowly. I looked up hopingly at the door but it didn't open. My heart sunk a little but I got on with reading my magazine. Then suddenly the door flew open.  And there stood harry with this giant teddy bear within his grasp. I giggled with excitement, uncrossed my legs and ran over to him, flinging my arms around both him and the giant teddy between us. Grabbing the teddy from harry, I spun round and wandered lovingly back to the bed. Harry followed me. He grabbed my waist before my chest reached the bed. He turned my round so I faced him, he beautiful emerald eyes stared into mine. I giggled like a little school and planted a kiss on his lips. I was so happy to see him. He had become like my best friend over these few months. We play fought and played practical jokes on each other, making my stay in hospital a little easier.

"I need to get of this place its driving me crazy"

"I have an idea"


"No I cant say its so bad and you wouldn't be allowed to leave tat long anyway"

"Omg harry just tell me"

"well you know we are touring well, we are going to France for a week, you could come"

"but I'm not being discharged till next week"

"yeah I know that's why I didn't want to mention it"

"well I could always sneak out"

"you could...."

"omg lets do it get me out of here harry please"

"hmmm ok but this wasn't my idea if anyone asks"

"mmmm fine"

Me and Harry start to rush around shoving clothes in my suitcase. He then takes the suitcase to his car while I make it look like I'm laying in bed. The pillow technique is always a winner. Harry finally returns from his car. I run to him and jump on his back. He can give me a piggy back ride. I told the nurses that I was just going to get some air. Luckily enough they believed me. I sprinted out there revolving doors of the hospital. inhaling the biggest breath of fresh air. I was free and on the road with my best friend could life get any better.


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