You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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1. Hate no love

"Everyone is like one direction his and one direction that, I don't get why girls like them they can be so cocky I mean there fans got them to where they are now and they just treat there fans like shit ugh" 

"Em come quick" "what now" "looks whose on tv" "who is it?" "ONE DIRECTION!!! Ahhh" "ugh why do you like them they don't like you" "shut up you don't know that" "erm yeah I do". "Molly you obsessed with them and as your bestie none of them deserve you" "aww em thanks but they are just so beautiful" "ugh I give up". Molly my best friend, she is gorgeous gets all the guys and is like obsessed with this band called one direction and then there's me, who just loves to sing. 

Monday morning -buzzing noise- "shit where's my phone" I start to root around all my lyric sheets on the desk. Finally finding my phone "ahhhhhhh" a high pitched scream comes from the other end. "Erm hello Molly?" "Em guess what?" "Oh what now?" "I HAVE ONE DIRECTION TICKETS" "oh brilliant good for you why did you need to tell me?" "Cause your coming with me" I choked a little with shock "WHAT nah no !!" "Aww please em em?" "No!" "Please otherwise I won't be able to go?" "Ugh ok fine".  Brilliant so I'm now Molly's gate way to go and see this 'boy band'. I put the phone and stare at the floor think "what have I got myself into" 

A week later and Molly is coming over to discuss outfit ideas. The door bell rings I'm on my bed playing the guitar when my bedroom door burst open, it's Molly. She's wear blue skinny jeans will a crop top that shows her belly piercing. "Emily how are you babe" "great thanks now your here" I say sarcastically, we look at each other and laugh. I run over to her, we hug then sit on my bed. "Ok so what you gunna wear to the concert, which is 2 WEEKS AWAY!!" "Hahha um I dunno" "you don't know?!" Molly said in a confused voice "yeah I don't know why's that surprising" "well cause I have my outfit ready ironed 2 weeks ago before I even got the tickets" "wow keen much". Molly then goes looking in my wardrobe "em babe you seriously need new clothes" "erm new clothes can wait I'm saving up for a new guitar" she looks at me like I'm some sort of mental person. I have to laugh because of the expression on her face is hilarious. "What" she says "nothing" I say controlling my laughter. 

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