You are the music

Some girls are obsessed with one direction like Molly is but what happens when a one direction member lovers a one direction hate? Can Harry styles show Emily that he isn't all that bad or will he be left looking for another girl?

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7. A kiss

 "I love music" I replied , "really?" He questioned me, "yeah before my accident I used to play the guitar and write my own songs". 

Harry's P.O.V 
As soon as she said that I had a flash back to when I first met Emily, and what Molly had told me in the hospital waiting room about the songs emily write about her grandad. "You should come to the studio and record some stuff" I say. "Omg really" she answers me in surprise. "Yeah if you send me a sample I could get you into our recording studio", "omg really that would be amazing thanks". Emily then looked me in the eyes with her beautiful big hazel eyes glistening in the present light. My heart beat sped up as she then smiled at me. Then the waiter interrupted our brief moment. 

As the meal came to an end me and Emily made out way outside. It was a crisp spring evening. As we released a breath a smoke cloud formed. We giggled at each other then another moment happened when me and Emily just stared into each others eyes. But this time it was different I began to lean into Emily's lips and them my lips touched hers. As soon as my lips touched hers a warm shiver ran through my body. 

Emily's P.O.V 
So me and Harry were outside on a spring evening and then he kissed me as soon as his soft warm lips touched mine  a sudden warm shiver ran down my spine. Afterwards I couldn't stop smiling to myself And harry looked pleased as well. We made our way to Harry's land rover and he (being a gentleman) opened the door so I could slip into the passenger seat. The joinery home we were both laughing and singing along to songs on the radio. Then a one direction song came one which was called 'little things'. I looked at Harry and he smiled at me and turned the radio down a little. He began to sing word for word. I sat there looking at him I was mesmerised by him. As the song came to a finish I looked out to of the passenger window. Then I remembered something my grandad tears began to form in my eyes as rain started to fall so did the tears from my eyes. 

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