The River God

For unfortunate Agnes death brings her a new life, a new life she'd never imagined.


1. New eyes.


I would not swim again after this day.

Water spilled down my throat like an icy rapid engulfing me until I could take it no more. No matter how hard I thrashed I couldn't escape. I was in its cold jaws now. It liked to tease me. One minute it would lock me in a strangling grip then hold me like a forgotten friend. The river tasted foul as it lapped against my tongue and poured itself unwelcomingly down my throat. I tasted a thousand deaths and heard a thousand cries. White faces of the dead swarmed my mind, pressing against my skull until I was consumed. What had I done to deserve such torture?

As I continued the fight for my life rough pebbles began their assault on my legs. Clawing, scratching and biting until there was nothing but fleshy bones. My beautiful legs; all the boys loved my legs. The end was near now. The River God was stealing my last breathes urging me closer to my watery grave. Going, going and gone now I’m just a drown fool. The last thing I remember seeing from my blurred vision was a pair of great big yellow eyes right in front of me.


* * *


A lone voice close by startled me.

"Mmm fresh catch girls" purred the voice of a stranger.

"She looks rather juicy" laughed another voice.

"Play nicely girls you know what happened to the last one and we don't want a repeat of that do we. Things got messy" joined a third voice that was slightly more settling but still raised goose bumps on my skin. My eyelids opened in horror and I was immediately exposed to the sight of a pair of great big yellow eyes with dark rings and dark lashes. I let out a scream that was instantly cut off by the water and watched as the air bubbles rose to the surface that was so far away. The three voices let out a chorus of hisses aimed at me.

"I'd tell her there's no need to scream but then I'd be lying" said the voice who sounded like a wild cat stalking it's pray. The second laughed as if this was funny.

"Stop it you'll frighten the poor girl Assyria" cautioned the voice that sounded like a concerned mother. I looked at the one they called Assyria then at the other two, none of them bared yellow eyes they I'd seen before my death or just now instead their eyes were deep like the ocean. The mother of the trio reached out to touch me and instinctively I flinched away from her alien skin only to fall backwards and hit my head against some algae covered rocks on the sea floor.

"She can't even hold her balance" burst out Assyria in hysterics followed by her back up girl. She and her partner in crime looked at each other for a moment and for that moment it stayed silent as if they were having their own private conversation now. Then I heard a sinister laugh followed by another hiss aimed at me before Assyria swam off followed swiftly by her friend on her tail. Her tail!

My screams couldn't be stopped this time and I struggled around on the sea floor sobbing for tears that would not come. A hand touched my forearm, Priscilla. She smiled warmly at me but her face was so alien that I only sobbed more. I tried to sit up only to fall back down again and create a swirling cloud of sand and dirt. Surprised at the frail state of my body I brought my hand close to my face to further examine it. What I saw made me gasp in horror which generated a group of bubbles from my mouth which I then watched rise all the way to the surface again in amazement. My skin was no longer fine and tanned instead it resembled something of a frog, pale and a sickly green colour. Through the skin you could see blue veins flowing near my major arteries. The texture was wet and slimy, my fingers easily slid across it. It resembled seaweed.  Instinctively I reached out to touch my face and body to see if there were others changes to my body. There were. Whilst reaching out I noticed a bearable pain coming from my hands and feet. They were webbed. My hands and feet were webbed. I tried to pry them apart but could not.   

"It takes some getting used to" said Priscilla softly who'd taken a seat on the rocks next to me. I looked at her while she spoke taking in her features. The hand she approached me with had nails covered in dirt and algae that grew up her arm and around her neck like a scarf while her dirty blonde hair floated around her like a veil moving with the current of the sea. Much like me she had no golden sun tan instead she was pale and slimy.

"Why me" I asked in confusion gesturing to myself as my sobs became less continuous. At that Priscilla's eyes brow drew together and three folds formed on her forehead as she thought.

"It's his choice not mine" she sighed looking at the floor.

This I didn't understand not that I understood anything at all. I should be dead, I died.

"Are you alright to swim?" she asked abruptly.

"Well considering I just drown..." I said in a false attempt of humour but Priscilla smiled and took my hand as she swam of the sea floor leading me as she went.

"What's your name?" she inquired as she kept on pulling me effortlessly through the water as I dragged behind like a dead weight.

"Agnes" I replied absentminded; I was too focused on this new world. It was an understatement to say my eye sight had improved I could see everything close up or far away. I could see above the surface birds flying and below the surface I could see every particle of mud, algae and sand which made up the river .The sounds were amazing I could hear everything from the waves lapping against the banks to the heartbeats of marine life. It was beautiful down here.

"Well Agnes it's nice to meet you" she smiled over her shoulder at me as she continued swimming. We were no longer near the shore we were now in open water.













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