Start Over Again

My head says something my heart another, I truly love Liam..
But is that love fading away?
Was it just for a certain time?
Was it all fake?
Did I ever really love him?
Where we just moving to fast with everything?


2. ~Chapter 2~

  Katherine's P.O.V.

     My head says something my heart another, I truly love Liam.. But is that love fading away? Was it just for a certain time? Was it all fake? Did I ever really love him? Where we just moving to fast with everything?

      I got out of my thought when I heard the bathroom door open Liam came out with a towel around his waist looking at me 

"I love you babe," 

    Liam smiles bending down on to the bed we shared trying to give me a kiss on my lips, I slowly turn my head rejecting it. He moved his eyebrows in confusion. "What's wrong?" Liam pouts "Um nothing it's just that.. Umm ermm I'm I'm not-" before I could finish my sentence he cut me off  "You aren't in the mood? What happened did I do something wrong?" He quickly said "No you're perfect, you haven't done anything wrong…" I said it's true actually he is perfect to me "Then what is it?" "It's morning and I haven't brushed my teeth I have morning breath." I bulged out my eyes "Kat, don't be silly we have kissed in the morning, you kissed me when I had just ate garlic come on I don't care" "I have to go to school." I whispered softly "Okay babe change" I nod my head while taking off his shirt we've been living together for some while and I honestly don't care if he sees me changing I'm used to it.

      I should just focus on school work and stop focusing on boy issues. I am in love, and I don't want to fall in love again. "Ms.Smith what did I just say?" My teacher yells at me "What did I just say." I reply everyone started laughing. "Oh so you think you're funny." "No no not at all, I seriously answered your question... I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention," I tell her, I am not a good girl, but not a bad girl I'm mixed in between both but I have never NEVER. Had detention and I am not planning on having it. "Okay pay attention." she smiled at me. I guess she does like me hmm.. 

~skipping school~

     I decided just to walk home so I could think about everything, it's not much of a far walk, so I had less time by myself then I intended to. When I got to the front door I just couldn't go inside and look at Liam's face, did I cheat? Who am I kidding I did I didn't stop Niall, I'm such a bad person, such a bad girlfriend I deserve to get dumped.

    I hear the door opening slowly and I look up "Hey why are you here so early I thought you were gunna hang out with Jay?" Liam's voice echoed in my head "Umm yeah I was but I felt like walking here," I looked at his face  "Then why didn't you come in?!" "Oh I umm think I forgot I was here" I hear him slightly chuckle "You're so cute," he said hugging me. I love his hugs more than anything they make me feel warm, loved, and wanted.

    Then I didn't feel the ground, I screamed "Put me down" "No!" Liam shouted, he ran all around the house spinning me in circles "Ahh!" I giggled "I love it when you laugh" he told me while giggling  "Me too, and your smile, also your random dimple, and how you're such a little boy, and your hair, and your eyes, and your lips, and your kisses, and how you care for me so much." I smiled maybe I do still love Liam? These were the things that made me fall in love with him so quickly. he slowly put me down looking straight into my eyes" I love you Katherine do you love me?" His grip was strong around my waist. what should I say? I gulped down a huge amount of saliva and say  "Umm.. of course I do Liam," "Stop! You don't." He shouted "What do you mean?!" "You don't love me." His voice level increased  "But I do" I said looking down "No you don't." I looked up at his eyes and lightly placed my hands on his cheeks "I love you Liam James Payne" His lips curved into a smile, he picked me up kissing me slowly I wrapped my legs around his waist and started to mess with his hair he moaned softly and the speed of the kiss increased his tongue was lightly teasing my lips, I didn't let it in though he started giggling and said "I knew you'd do that," he tickled my sides and I squirmed around, I let go of my grip around his shoulders falling on my butt he sat next to me and threw his head back laughing, "You're such a little kid Liam," I teased him "And you're not?" "Umm no I'm mature," I said chuckling "Sure...." He said slowly I saw him leaning in, I stood up and chuckled as he fell forward "Ha!" I yelled "Where are you going?" He frowned "Umm just to get some chocolate cake," "Haha okay, bring me some! I'll put a movie on" he said "okay babe,".

As I walked to the kitchen I saw that I had received a lot of messages I opened one 

Niall: Hey umm we need to talk about what happened, I'm so sorry I understand you love him but I know you love me too. Xx

Well great.( note sarcasm)

I replied to his message saying 

um yeah we do! But not today.-Kat x 

The next message said 

Jay: what's up with you Kat? You're acting so different.

I frowned, finally someone is noticing and I can't have it happen.

Me: Nothing really, I just been really tired I'm not getting enough sleep. Xx

The next messages were  from Harry he had send me 6 messages saying

Harry :


KAT xx





I Replied

God someone can't wait for a reply.

 I grabbed two pieces of chocolate cake and a fork for me a spoon for Liam wahahahahah.

Evil master plan.

      When I went back to the living room it was dark, I made my way to the couch and handed Liam the cake he picked up the spoon and ate a piece since he didn't see it, as soon as he felt it his face frowned "I hate you," he said as his eyes turned into slits "I love you too baby," I laughed kissing his cheek.  He just smiled and handed me the spoon taking my fork. Liam started eating his cake, I looked at mine and put some in my mouth as I chewed I couldn't. It felt so weird eating so much chocolate at once... I put another spoon full in my mouth and choked, I ran into the bathroom sitting on the floor looking into the toilet.

What am I doing to myself.

     I quickly threw up it was mostly water, but some cake. Liam came up and opened the door he looked at me worriedly "Babe what's what's wrong?!" "Nothing I think I ate something bad earlier," I lied "You sure?" "Yeah I am." "Okay.... Ill make you something so you can eat what do you want?" "Iced tea." I fake smiled "That's it? You sure?" "Yeah, I don't feel good I don't want to eat something then throw it up again." "You sure? do you want to go to the doctor?"


"No Liam I'm fine." 




Im kinda proud with this story :P 

if you read and like it please VOTE.& comment.

Um hope you like xxx byeeee

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