Start Over Again

My head says something my heart another, I truly love Liam..
But is that love fading away?
Was it just for a certain time?
Was it all fake?
Did I ever really love him?
Where we just moving to fast with everything?


1. ~Chapter 1~

    Katherine's P.O.V


      My head says something my heart another, I truly love Liam.. But is that love fading away? Was it just for a certain time? Was it all fake? Did I ever really love him? Where we just moving to fast with everything?


         I got out of my thought when I heard the bathroom door open Liam came out with a towel around his waist looking at me "I love you babe" Liam smiles bending down on to the bed we shared trying to give me a kiss on my lips, I slowly turn my head rejecting it. He moved his eyebrows in confusion. "What's wrong?" Liam pouts "Um nothing it's just that.. Umm ermm I'm I'm not-" before I could finish my sentence he cut me off  "You aren't in the mood? What happened did I do something wrong?" He quickly said "No you're perfect, you haven't done anything wrong…" I said it's true actually he is perfect to me "Then what is it?" "It's morning and I haven't brushed my teeth I have morning breath." I bulged out my eyes "Kat, don't be silly we have kissed in the morning, you kissed me when I had just ate garlic come on I don't care" "I have to go to school." I whispered softly "Okay babe change" I nod my head while taking off his shirt we've been living together for some while and I honestly don't care if he sees me changing I'm used to it.

       I go over to my walk in closet and grab some pink shorts, a white shirt with black crosses on it I put on some black sandals and walk out to the bathroom I look at my blonde hair, I make a few beach waves, after I was done doing my hair I brush my teeth and walked over to where my phone was I read a message it said

Hey Kat want me to take you to school?x- Niall 

I smiled to myself 

Sure x :) pick me up in 5 minutes - Kat 

He replied quickly 

Okay :) 

I lock my phone and go downstairs, Liam smiles at me and flips the pancake he is making I sit on the breakfast bar as he comes in between my legs and kisses my cheek I smile at his affection and lightly stroke his hair. "Love you Kat" he whispers in my ear yet again, I didn't want to say I love you back I didn't know if I did, I didn't know what I felt. I am so confused. Niall confused me ever since he said "I love you" I just can't handle all of this at one time. "The pancake is going to burn!" I shout at him to avoid the subject, Liam quickly gets out of his rested position on me and flips it again putting it on a plate and giving it to me "No thank you," I scrunched my nose "What? Why aren't you eating? you love food." he states "I'm not quiet hungry Liam sorry.." I admitted to him, lately I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't do anything! I'm just so stressed and depressed thank god he hasn't notice it…

      I usually just make up some lame excuse like oh I ate at Jay's house, or I had a lot to eat for lunch the truth was that I haven't ate anything for a week. "Again?" "What do you mean?" "You're never hungry!" He shouted a little "It's just that-" *My phone rings* I look at it and answer

"Hey," I said

"Hi Kat come outside I'm here,"

"Hmm okay I’ll be out in a few,"

"Kay I’ll be waiting," Niall spoke 

     I jumped off of the breakfast bar and hugged Liam goodbye "Am I not going to drop you off?" He asked I started to walk out to the living room "Umm oh yeah I forgot to tell you Niall offered and I didn't want to be rude so I said sure," I yelled at him since I was in the living room already getting my back bag. I see his tall figure walk in and hover over me "Have a good day babe I’ll pick you up later Kay?" "Um actually me and Jay are going to hang out see you at 5?" I smile to see If it's okay with him. "Okay love, I'll pick you up by then" he smiles softly. He bends down to kiss me and I cough "Sorry," I looked down "It’s all good," he giggled picking my chin up and kissing me quickly before I did something else.

    I quickly bit his lip harshly down so he'd stop but he just kissed me harder "Liam," I managed to get out "what?" He said breathing heavily "I.. Need... To... Go.. To.. School..." I told him in between kisses "Fine love, but as soon as you get home we’ll continue this" Liam winked at me and gave me a long hug I walked away and ran into Niall's car. 

    "Hey Kat what took you so long?" "I couldn't find my bag," I lied "Mhm okay," he smiles. 

     When we were just a mile away from my school he stopped the car "Niall what the hell?" I yelled "Kat you can't just ignore me the whole ride. you have to talk to me!" He screamed "I'm not ignoring," I looked down "but you are." He said holding my chin and lifting my head up to lock my eyes with his, god they are beautiful all of a sudden he leans in shoot! can't happen what do I do? Do I just stay here? Do I move honestly, I want to kiss him but I can't. I turned my head and he kissed my cheek "Well I wasn't planning that to go that way." He bit his lip "What you were planning this?" I looked at him "Yeah I actually was." "Just drive me too school Niall." "Okay," he said I heard his voice full of guilt once we had reached my school he parked the car and walked me to my first class.

     "Well here we are," I smiled at him "Mhm nice I guess." He choked out "Yeah I guess." I giggled "Kat?" "Yeah?" Before I could react to anything he grabbed my wrist, and pulled me in he kissed me. He kissed me for a long time, a passion filled long meaningful kiss. I felt amazing "I love you," he said parting his lips. We were maintaining eye contact "Niall! I'm dating Liam!" I screamed "you know you felt the same I did! You know you love me Katherine please just give me a chance!" He yelled, I have to admit I did really enjoy it "I just can't," I felt a tear running down my face. he quickly whipped it away and leaned in for another kiss, Jay Screamed Kat!" I turned quickly and said "What?" I hope she didn't see anything "Hurry we're going to be late, oh hi Niall," she smiled big I think she didn't see and I hope she didn't because

I didn't stop him. 



AN: hope you like it guys! i uploaded it on wattpad too :p so yeahhhh please like, vote, comment I'll like to see your thoughts about the story 


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