Two Sided

Sunshine's dad is sick, VERY SICK. He is in the hospital, and is having a hard time. She needs money to pay for her dad's surgery. She lives in the country so she is required to travel to a nearby city to work, looking for a job. She then finds a bar, requiring a waitress and is up for the job. The owners are a couple, but they have a cocky, confident, perverted son named Niall. Niall usually hooks up with all the waitresses, but what would Sunshine think? Also, what if Sunshine finds love while waiting tables to an artsy guy named Harry and they began to see each other?


2. Mysterious


I woke up to the sound of my phone. I blinked a few times before looking at the text. I read it and it was from Niall--

Sunshine, you better come to work now-- it's 6:50 am and you needa be here by 7:00 am for work, right? Just wanna remind you my bby ;)) xxNialler

I immediately freaked out and left my apartment. I blinked a few times and drove all the way to the pub-- I realized I over-slept by accident, I swear I turned my alarm on... I guess not. I drove so fast that I am passing the speed limit. Next thing I knew, I am being pulled over by a police car. I put my hand over my head. I watched the police officer get out of his car.

"Ma'am, you do know the speed limit here is 115 right?" He says while pointing at the sign above.

"I know sir, I'm very sorry..." I said to him. " It's just that, there is an emergency at the work place-- and I needed to be there quickly, or I have a fat chance on already getting fired!"

"Ma'am, I think the real emergency is getting taken to the emergency room because you got into a bad car accident." I watched as he was writing me a ticket. I sighed as I took it. "Have a good day, ma'am."

"Mhhm." I said to him as I roll up the windows. "not." I mumbled under my breath. I looked at how much the ticket's fine was. My eyes widened at the price. $213.00

I mumbled curses as I finally arrived at the pub. I walked inside to see that there was actually nobody. "Well wasted effort to be here, alright. And... wasted fucking 213$-- UGGGGGGGGGH." I raged. No one was here anyways. I walked into the kitchen to see there was a little mini table with a plate of crunchy bacon strips, scrambled eggs and pancakes and It was still hot. I looked everywhere. No one was here... strange. I sat down and began to eat. I was soo hungry, and eating will calm me down for sure.

I heard someone coming in the front doors of the pub and footsteps coming to the kitchen. Must be one of the waitresses or Bob or Maura. I continued eating, concentrating on my food. THIS TASTES AMAZING.

"Hey, beautiful." I hear a strong irish accent behind me. I turned around to see Niall leaning against the door with a smirk. His hair was tucked in by his superman snapback, wearing an olive green jacket over a white shirt with dark blue jeans. 

"Do you know who MADE this?!" I said, freaking out. He just shrugged as he took a seat beside me. "THIS TASTES SO GOOD-- OMYGOD."

"Hey babe, I lied btw-- my parents told me to tell you you can come at 9:00 am instead cause they tidied up early yesterday so you don't have to clean up shit today!" He said proudly. A spark of rage burned inside of me.

"And why... did you tell me to come here early?"I said calmly and gently, trying not to freak out on him.

"Cause I wanted to see you, sexy." He gently put his hand on my thigh and caressed it gently. "I couldn't stop thinking about you, and those sexy legs of yours...."

"TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS." I raised my voice at him. He looked at me confused. I swatted his hand away from my thigh, disgusted by him and his presence. "I got pulled over by police this morning because of going over the speed limit because I thought I was gonna be FUCKING late!"

"Well, the police is right, you shouldn't be doing that." He says. I stared at him intently.

"Don't play innocent with me you little bastard," I said to him with a dark tone in my voice. "This wouldn't have happened if YOU didn't have to text me--"

"HEY, HEY, IT'S NOT AT ALL MY FAULT! Imagine if I never shot you that fucking text-- you'd probably be sleepin till like God knows when, and you'll still be rushin to work just like that. YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE HERE AT 7:00 am anyways-- that was your original work schedule."

I hate to admit that he had a point. I just stayed silent and sighed.

"$213... I better start asking for extra work shifts." I sighed and cleaned up my plate and put them on the sink. I began to wash them, staying silent the whole time. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Niall with 300 dollars in his hand. 

"Here... since you can't afford shit." He says. I eyed it.

"I only need 213$.. besides, I can't pay you back--"

"Oh yes you can."

"I told you I can't. I'm not a cocky little rich kid like you."

"Who says you have to pay me back by money?" I saw him smirk as he grabbed my bum with his hand a gently squeezed it. I stepped on his toes hard. He yelped in pain.

"I'm not a prostitute. Sorry, but I can't take your money." I said with a roll of my eyes.

"Fine, just take at least take this money and come to the house party I'm hosting next weekend." He says making me an offer.

"HELLNO, PROBABLY ALL YOUR SLUTTY WHORES ARE GONNA BE THERE AND STUFF... besides, parties aren't my thing..." I said. He thought for a moment.

"I'll pay you $1000 to clean the house after the party also." He says. My heart froze.

"o-o-o-one th-thousand dollars?" I stuttered out. He nodded.

"Yup, I'll pay you the 300 now and I'll pay you the 1 000 next weekend. My house is pretty big."

I thought about it and sighed and nodded. Even though I hate Niall, a part of just loved him for making me this offer.

"You might get a bit dirty when you clean my house... maybe we could do something after it, when you're all done... and dirty." He winked at me and I just ignored him.

"Okay, well I think I'm going to clean up a bit more in here..." I said, changing the subject.

"Hmm, makeup-less, sweats-- but big boobs, I dig dat. I just don't get you, you know- not going for a guy like me." He says. I realized I had no make-up and no uniform-- I facepalmed myself. I headed out of the kitchen. I watched as Niall followed behind me.

"Where are you going?!" He asked confusingly. 

"I need to go back home to put some make-up on and my uniform on." I said. I walked towards the direction of my car.

"Here, I'll take you babe." HE said to me with a smirk. I shook my head at him.

"No way, I think I'm better off-- ALONE." I said. I closed my door and I began to drive away. It was a good way of getting away from Niall, but also I needed to get my stuff. I feel the car going slowly to a steady stop, and I didn't understand why so I pulled it out of the road. IT slowly just stopped and shutdown on me. I checked for the gas meter-- but it said it was still okay.... which means, my car brokedown. I sighed. I called the nearest tow trucking company. 

T&T'STRUCKING: We're on our way-- by the way, you will need to support yourself a transportation out of there--
ME: But where's my car gonna go?!
T&T'STRUCKING: Ma'am, describing what just happened to your car, we'll have to take it to an automobile shop for fixing.
ME: Will this cost me anything?
T&T'STRUCKING: $2500 exact-- plus taxes.
ME: Sir, is it possible to get it any cheaper?
T&T'STRUCKING: I'm not sure, you'd have to talk to the people there-- they'll call you when you car's all good. But the thing is, you can't drive it till you paid off the 2500-- don't ask why, I hate explaining it a 1000 times. Have a nice day.

The person hung up on me and I sighed. I grunted as I typed in Niall's name on my phone. I heard the ringing of the phone  and waited for him to answer.

NIALL:  Hello, ello, ello sexy lady
ME: Niall, not in the mood.
NIALL: What hapenned babe, tell Nialler.
ME: Can.. can you just pick me up at Hunter Road-- you know, when you enter the freeway.
NIALL: Why? Miss me already?
ME: Your're the last thing I's miss, and no I'll just explain it to you on the car ride on the way to my place.
NIALL Okaay, 'll be there in 5 minutes, Sunny-- can I call you that?
ME: No. 
NIALL: See ya, Sunny! 

I sighed as I hung up on him. He's so stubborn and perverted, yet he gives me 300$ when I only need 213$-- and an offer of 1000$ just to clean up his house after his party is over... or  maybe he was just plain rich that he just didn't care, and it seemed just like nothing to him. I waited for him at least 5 minutes, and I saw a black porsche pulling up. Niall honked at me and I went inside.

"Man, that is just embarrassing." Niall told me. He began driving away. "I told you, I should've just dropped you off than use your gay car."

"I..." I was close to tears. I fought it though. It wasn't my fault I don't have enough money for 'cool and modern' cars. It's not my fault that I can't afford the best clothing."Okay." I slowly tried to wipe a tear away without him noticing.

He looked at me then looked away. "Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll stop being such a pervert to you for today, okay?"He says to me gently. I stared at him for a moment. Yes, I really don't get Niall-- now it seems like he actually cares, when probably in reality, he doesn't.

"Why are you such a pervert anyways?" I asked. He shrugged.

"I dunno, lots of people seem to think I'm cool, and a lot of girls like it." He answered. That made me laugh out loud.

"Seriously? You think THAT makes you cool?" 

"Yeah, you're the first person that just hated me for it when everyone seems to like it."

"Niall, I hate to burst your bubble here, but I think those people are just bein cool with you because you're filthy rich."

The car was pretty silent for a bit. I watched his hands clenching tighter around the steering wheel, as he only focused on the road.

"Did I like, offend you or something-- cause you really shouldn't have been offended after all the stuff you did to me?" I said.

"Sorry, it's just... it's been a long time since I've talked to a girl normally like this." He says. 

"How long have you started to be a massive playboy?"

"2 years ago."

"Well, what happened-- why did you turn into one?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." He says to me calmly. The car ride was silent after that. We finally got into my home-- well, apartment.

"You know you could just be my bed buddy and live at my house-- you also won't need to pay rent, but pay me with you know." He winked at me again.

"You promised not to be a pervert for the rest of the day." I said to him.

"Sorry, sorry, I forgot!" He says with a laugh. I closed the door and ran upstairs to my suite. I quickly put on some make up and put on my uniform, and headed out the door. I got back to Niall's car and he whistled at me.

"Not being a perv is gonna be so hard right now." He says.

"Yeah, well... thanks." I said to him with a smile. We drove off and we talked non-sense in the car-- like what's your favourute animal, color, etc! I wish Niall would stay into this kind of guy, but sadly he'll just be like this just for today.

Do I like him? Maybe if he acts like this 24/7, but no. Niall's also very mysterious-- cocky then nice then whoa then calm. Is he like bi-polar or something? Maybe he's just trying to figure out what he's doing. And I wondered why he also didn't answer my question about why he turned into... well, THIS. I guess I should just enjoy this day as much as I can.

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