Two Sided

Sunshine's dad is sick, VERY SICK. He is in the hospital, and is having a hard time. She needs money to pay for her dad's surgery. She lives in the country so she is required to travel to a nearby city to work, looking for a job. She then finds a bar, requiring a waitress and is up for the job. The owners are a couple, but they have a cocky, confident, perverted son named Niall. Niall usually hooks up with all the waitresses, but what would Sunshine think? Also, what if Sunshine finds love while waiting tables to an artsy guy named Harry and they began to see each other?


1. Job Hunting


I went around the city of Los Angeles, job hunting for money. At this point, I was desperate. I need money in order for my father's surgery to take place. He is having a hard time at the hospital right now and if I can't pay at least 5,000 for this, my father could die. My father is 40 years old-- he's still young as a father, he can't just leave me yet. B-besides... I'm 18 years old. 

I went inside "Forever 21" and asked if they had available spots for jobs. Nope. I went inside a restaurant called "Red Lobster" to go see if they have any job offers. Nope. I pretty much went everywhere, and even Mcdonalds was all booked-- the most common american job. I was about to give up when I saw an Irish pub called... well it was just called "The Irish Pub for Bubs." I walked inside to see men drinking. They all stared at me as I walked inside. I went to the till to see a man with light brown hair and a white buttoned up shirt with beige pants. It looked formal, but at the same time not.

"What ye want, ma'am?" He asked me. He had a strong irish accent-- I should've probably expected that since I'm in an irish pub.

"I'm not here for a drink sir," I replied.His eyebrow raised in suspicion. "I-I I'm here because I need a job." 

"Sorry but we're kind of all boo--"

"Please sir, I need a job-- It's getting late, and I need a job because I need money for my dad's surgery, please."

"... I'll talk about it with my wife okay, sweetheart? Just for you." He gave me a reassuring smile and disappeared in the kitchen behind it. I looked at the menu on the top and saw that it was chicken wings day today, meaning it was 30cents a chicken wing. I saw a bunch of waitresses handing out wings to the men in the table. The waitresses have a uniform requirment of a short green plaid miniskirt, and a white buttoned up shirt. They had white high socks on and black dress shoes. I saw as a guy slapped one of the waitresses' ass when the waitress walked away. The waitress had no emotion described on her face, and I thought... maybe she's used to this.

To be honest, it got me scared and also making me have second thoughts. Should I really work here? Then again, they're taking me for consideration... and I really need the job, I need to do this for my father. At the same time... I don't want shit like that to happen to me. I saw the man who was behind the till come out of the kitchen with who I assume to be, his wife. His wife was dressed normally actually, no need for costume. She was wearing a plain light fuchsia pink blouse and blue jeans. 

"Alright dear, we'll just let ye do some fitting tommorow with the uniforms and training and stuff-- and you're shift will officially start on Wednesday, the day after that!" The man said. The wife gave me a smile and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs..." I said... way to go Sunshine you don't even know your  boss' names.

"I'm Maura Horan and my husband's name is Bobby Horan." The wife said. I shook both their hands. For a bar like this, I think it's really  nice to see the owners so... unlike it. I'm sure they probably drink lots though too cause ye know, they're irish... sorry, that was a stereotypical statement.

They talked to me about my salary and it is $10 an hour-- which isn't bad because I'd be taking 6 hour shifts, maybe 8 sometimes-- and they say that the men and women who go here always give a huge amount on tip, like 10-15 dollar bills. I was happy to find out about this.

They told me to come down here by 1:00 at noon to do the fitting and training. They also made me sign out all these paperwork and give them some info like "what's your cellphone number" or "Do you drink?" I finally filled out all the paper and handed it to them. I gladly opened the doors to go outside. I got inside my Hyundai pony car and drove to the  my 1-bedroom apartment I was renting out. I walked inside with my bag and went inside my assigned suite: Room 204.

To be honest, it's not too big, not too small. I placed my bag on the dinner table and took a big sigh. Times like this I miss my mom. I wish she was still here. Back in the country, I'd come home smelling homemade food-- like mashed potatoes or some baked cookies or something. She'd always be there to talk to  me and love me and... 

I sat on the kitchen counter and thinking about this made me cry. My mother lost her battle to breast cancer. The day I heard she died, I was devastated. I couldn't talk to anyone, I couldn't do anything-- I stayed in my roo and speechlessly looked at pictures of me and my mom and... well, now I talk to myself. It took me at least 2 months to finally accept that she's dead and that... I-I'll never see her again. By the way I was 14 when this happened. I can't afford to loose my dad now.

I cooked myself a little meal of chicken soup and some rice. I sat on the couch, eating my chicken soup and rice. I decided to turn on the tv while I ate. 

I'm pretty lonely to be honest. I never really had a real boyfriend. All my boyfriends either played me or just... wanted sex but I didn't give it to them. All my friends and best friends in the country, but one said worked here in the city! It was my bestfriend Emily Paige. I forgot to ask her where... but I thought it was pretty awesome she works here in the city.

When I finished eating my soup, I went to my bedroom to get changed into some pajamas and washed my face clean. I put my medium length... dark-brown hair. Sometimes I think my hair is black because it's soo dark, but really it's dark brown. I finally went to bed thinking, "I wonder what this job will make of me."


I woke up and got myself ready for the day. I decided to wear dark blue jean shorts because of the hot weather, and a tanktop with the words "#coolio". I decided to wear my fave shoes-- black classic chuck taylor converse! I checked the time. It was 12:00, I guess there's still time to do some breakfast and stuff. I decided to put some eyeliner around my darkbrown eyes and some mascara. My lashes are actually pretty long, which I thought was a great gift for god, because then I don't need to put like.. fake lashes on like the other girl I see. Also, my eyes go topaz when sunlight hits it... which is pretty cool because my eyes are really dark brown. I ate quick cereal of Frosted Flakes and milk. I checked the time and it was now 12:30. 

I went out the door to the parking lot and I got my car out. I began to drive to the "Irish Pub for Bubs." While driving there, I thought it was too silent... so I turned on the radio system and put on a cd of Ed Sheeran. He's my favourite singer by the way. I put the song "Legohouse" on. This was my favourite song from the album. I finally pulled into the parking lot of the pub and I went inside. As I went inside I spotted the couple but they were arguing to a young boy... but not too young that he's like 6, but he seems like my age. He had blonde hair in quiff style, and there were brown streak peeking out of his hair... he probably dyed his hair. He has wearing jeans and a red plaid shirt. To be honest, this boy was good-looking.

"MOM, I HAVE PLANS. I AM NOT TAKING SOME CHICK TO GO TO SOME FITTING OR SOMETHING." I heard the boy said to Maura. I'm guessing that's their son then. He seemed cocky. He also had a strong irish accent... which made it sound cockier.

"Oh, dear you're here!" Maura called me. I also caught the attention of the boy they were talking to and he looked at me form head to toe and smirked at me. Wait... did he just check me out?

"Yes, I am ma'am... so what should I be doing first!" I said with too much enthusiasm. I regret that. 

"Well, first you're going for fitting for your uniform. I have a friend who works in the 'uniform company' you know?" Bobby told me. He then glanced at the boy. "Which my son, Niall will take you. Right Niall?"

His smirk never left his face. "Not a problem... nope, not a problem at all...." He said. His parents raised an eyebrow and just rolled their eyes and left to the kitchen and stuff. 

"So babe, follow me... I'm going to drive you there myself." The boy said. He took me by the waist and led me to his car. I didn't feel comfortable with him touching me this way, because I barely know him-- I mean he's a very good looking boy and all but... it feels so wrong. I puled away quickly. He tried it again but I kept refusing. 

"Can you just, leave me in peace. I don't like you touching me that way. Like for fucksakes man." I finally raised my voice at him. He raised an eyebrow with a grin on his face.

"Whoa watch out, I think I got a tigress with me." He said with his hands up in the air like he's about to get arrested. To be honest that didn't make me laugh. I just shrugged and walked off. I finally saw his car... it was a black porsche.

"Holly fucking shit." I accidentally said out loud. I'm not usually the swearer type but it's just... WOW. I didn't expect him to buy a beautiful black porsche. He just nodded at me with a braggy face.

"Bet you couldn't afford shit like that." He said. I sighed and just went inside the passenger seat beside him. Why is he so cocky and braggy? How could his parents have raised a kid like this. His parents are like... plain opposite from their child. 

"Okay then, mr. richie rich." I said. We began driving away. The car was silent but I didn't care. I'd rather let it be silent than to hear him say shit. I stared out the window.

"So, are you still a virgin?" He asked me with a wink. I took a big sigh.

"Jesus Christ, you're a pervert." I said while I rolled my eyes.

"So, I'm guessing you are?" He said. 

"No shit, sherlock." 

"Stop being a little cunt. We're almost here."

"Oh, so now I'm the cunt?" 

"Awwe come on baby... why do you have to be so mean to me?" He slowly placed his hand on my thigh and slowly caressed it. I swatted his hand away quickly.


"Okay, okay, calm your tits." He said.

"These tits aren't calm." I said. Then I realized what I said then laughed, which made him laugh.. which made me go quiet. We pulled up to a place called "Uniform Union." He took my hand and pulled me out of the car.

"Don't touch me." I quickly told him. I quickly went inside the store, where I'll be safe so lots of people would see what Niall's doing to me. But to my surprise, there were maybe like 8-10 people here... and if you count the employees, it'll be like 13-15. Niall quickly grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in his arms.

"You're with me." He says. I pushed him away and I saw the till. I quickly went up to the person. 

"Hi, I'm Sunshine Maxwell and Maura said there'll be uniforms available for me for fitting." I said. The lady nodded at me then when she saw Niall she changed into a whole new different person. 

"Hi, Niaaall." She said flirtaciously. She winked at him and he winked back. I went a few steps away from Niall and rolled my eyes. How could girls just fall for this shit. "So what are yoou up to?"

"Here with my new lady." He said, pulling me in his arms.

"You got a feisty one." She tells me with a wink. I quickly pushed him away.

"Oh hell no." I said. "He is not my man, and never will be."

"Well you're missing out-- when this piece of hawtnes is on the bed-- aww baby--"

"OKAY, TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I just need a uniform that fits me." I interrupted her. She did a flirtatious giggle and took me into the dressing rooms. There were a bunch of uniforms in different sizes. I went inside and closed it. To be honest, I was still scared to get changed in there because Niall was just waiting outside the door. I knew I had to do it anyways, so I did. Shockingly, he didn't try to do anything. All he was doing was saying perverted stuff like "I bet guys will get boners of of ye." or "You'll probably look so fuckable." 

I finally found one that fits me and I walked out with it. Niall stood up from his chair and just stared at me.

"Whoa." He said. Then he puts on a smirk. "I'd so fuck you in that uniform. Luckily, I'm getting THAT tonight--"

"YOU'RE NOT GETTING SHIT TONIGHT, BOY." I raised my voice at him. I went to look at the mirror. Then I felt someone slap my ass. I slapped Niall in the face.

"DUDE." I said. I rolled my eyes and I swear, if I had a dollar for everytime I rolled my eyes (I wish) then I'd be a millionare. I went back inside the dressing room and changed back into my normal clothes. I told the lady that I found the clothes that fit me and she said that I just take it and go since it was already paid for by the pub. Niall came behind me, and I could feel his stare at me. I went inside his car and I was alone in his car again with him. To be honest, I was mad. I don't really like him. I don't like him at all.

He tried talking to me during the car ride but I just ignored him. I'm done with the shit he treats me today. I don't get what the he's trying to do... but I DON'T like it. Oh wait, I do know. That little pervert just wants to have sex and touch me and shit. Well, he gotta learn that's not how things roll in here. We finally pull up into the pub. I thought about telling his parents about how he was pretty much sexually harrassing me... but it looks like they already can tell but they just can't stop him. Luckily, Niall helped in the kitchen lots and Maura pretty much trained me everything I need to do. I got to talk to some of the waitresses and then I saw a familiar face.

"No WAY!" I yelled. I hugged Emily and she hugged me back. "Why didn't you tell me you work here?!"

"B-because..." She then leaned in closer to my ear. she started to whisper. "Usually sluts work at bars now a days." 

"I see." I  nodded my head understandingly. Niall came up beside me. 

"Hey, ladies." He said. I pushed him away from me.

"Jesus Christ, you're just everywhere." I said to him. He just shrugged with a smile and he walked away. Emily looked at me with shock.

"Why are you letitng him go!" She told me. I raised my eyebrow at her.

"What do you mean?" I said to her. She looked at him dreamily.

"He's hot... sexy and once he gets on the bed.. ohh yeh, he's--"

"DUDE. SERIOUSLY, YOU TOO?" I exclaimed. She nodded.

"It sorta got through my head, and kind of pressurized since he has done every single waitress in the pub. You're going to do it with him some day, you know that right?"

"Dude, you do realize he's just playing all of you guys just for sex." 

"I know.. it's kind of just maybe a 'friends with benefits' thing. It's fun to be honest. No girl has ever turned him down... except for you actually."

"Well good, I'm not having sex with that playboy." 

I checked the time and noticed that I was done for today and my real shift starts tomorrow. I walked out of the pub and as I was about to get to my car, I saw Niall standing by it. Fuck, well now I'm screwed. He gave me a smirk.

"Your car?" He said. I just nodded.He walked away quietly, the smirk never leaving his face. "You know, this isn't the end. I will get you." 

"In your dreams you perv." I got inside the car and drove home. I couldn't understand the process of all the stuff that happened today, all I could think of was what Niall will do to me tomorrow. I wonder what he's planning. I wonder if I'll be like every other girl and just.. have sex with him.  I didn't like the thought of it, but how if he like somehow handcuffs me and I have no choice? Okay, the last part probably went too far. 

I got home and washed my face and put on my pajamas. I thought about everything today. I hope tomorrow I'll have  a better day... and hopefully not see that bastard.


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