Saving Pierce.

''piece of shit, worth nothing..." Pierce Carson thought .
he cuts deeper. the blood drips down his wrist .

Pierce is a 17 year old boy moved in and out of houses with different' parents' every time .
he got abused, raped, by his father.
he cuts.
he gets adopted and meets the Xavier family
will he go through all the steps again , abused, raped hurt ...
or could he finally have freedom and peace? check out and see
will pierce finally get his peace, or could this turn out to be something he didn't imagine to happen?...


3. school



     i woke up , "ughh" i groaned i got up   i shook my hair the pain started hurting on my wrists oh, the cuts. i took of my shirt it was hot i walked out , i heard the water running  ugh, i knocked i heard no answer "hello can you get out!" i said i heard a clicking noise soon i heard someone opening it was Alex and she had only a bra on (no shirt) ew, "sorry" Alex said "whatever slut " i said "excuse you " Alex said i raised my eyebrow"yes?" i said  "don't call me that ''Alex said and walked off i shrugged my shoulders i went  in the washroom i closed the door i showered, brushed my teeth , i combed my hair with my fingers i came out went to my room changed into a hoodie and some jeans with my shoes i walked down stairs , 

"good morning ,pierce!" Kate called i waved "are you exited?" Riley said  i shrugged my shoulders he nodded Kate put a plate in front of me . it had bacon and eggs i began to pick up the fork when Alex came  and sat beside me i almost flinched she began to eat her food i slowly began to eat  my food when i just didn't feel to eat it sometimes i'd starve myself , i thought i was too fat i put down my fork today i felt i was too fat i sat there for a while , Alex look over to me i stared at her and  she had really pretty eyes ,she chuckled "what starving yourself?" she said ,she laughed .i felt so angry she didn't understand ,my jaw tensed up my knuckles were clutched "fuck you!" i said i got up pushing the chair back scratching the wood ,it had a lot of a effect. i got up i grabbed my bag, a simply black bag  that was near the door ,already packed probably Kate packed it for me i put on my back went out the door  i could hear Alex and her parents talking i shut the door i sat on the steps i didn't know where to go  , so i sat on the steps looking in the distance i heard the door open ,i didn't care 

Alex sat next to me  i felt a tingle as her  knee  banged with mine. that was really weird .  she looked at me  i looked at my hands .

" I'm sorry" Alex said

i nodded "we'll be late " Alex said she  got up stuck out her hand to help me get up i got up myself i walked past her. and her offer i didn't care

nobody did.

i walked fast when i heard Alex running  , she came  grabbed by the wrist "ow" i moaned and flinched (the cuts) "sorry. what's your problem? I'm trying to be nice but your being asshole" Alex said i shrugged i kept walking "I'm just an asshole." i said "you don't seem like one "Alex said   i looked at her  "well i' am one" i said with that i walked faster "sorry. but do you know where you're going, schools that way "Alex said pointing to a left street" what ever" i said starting walking with Alex "so  how do you like your home?" Alex said smiling "just like the rest" i said i could tell she was confused and lost

everyone was.

 i laughed "never mind" i said she nodded "so what's your story?" Alex said  i stood quiet i don't think i can tell anyone  i shrugged my shoulders  "oh come on ,tell me" Alex said poking me i  kind of chuckled "my life is fucked up, there?" i said angrily before i knew it

she hugged me .

"sorry, if you don't want to talk about it don't k?" Alex said  i nodded her hug felt really nice that was the first hug in 5 years ,a friendly one.

we started walking  "consider me your friend " alex said i never had a good , or any friends,  i nodded we got closer i saw a sight  of a big brick school "this is your new school " Alex said

no offense this school looked ghetto

"yup i  know it's ghetto" Alex said "did you hear me?" i asked she nodded "i think you talk your thoughts out loud"Alex said looking at me "i guess so" i said chuckling and smiling "you know ,you have a really nice smile" Alex said looking at me i felt the cold blood rush to my cheeks ,we were close to school

very close

"and you blush a lot" Alex said laughing she ran i ran after her i laughed i stopped shook my head she turned around "it's  true" Alex said i blushed she came closer  " alright which locker are you?" Alex said i passed her my paper "oh 32" Alex said i nodded " i'm right beside you "

"oh cool "i said but i truly think she's annoying(sometimes) she smiles ,"you  h-ave a good smile too" i said  "oh thanks  "Alex said  we went inside this ghetto school but the halls filled with some teens the halls were clean blue and  red the two main colours  Alex waved to some people passing by but they didn't wave back but instead gave cold stares alex dropped her head down and some people  stared at me i quickly hid my face  "okay ,here we are" Alex said pointing to lockers i walked to it i saw my number '32' alex was 33 i got out my combination opened my locker . Alex took my paper from my  hand "uh ms. gram" alex said reading"she's annoying"  

" it's upstairs ,the stairs are right there " she said pointing "and go upstairs take a left and you should find it " Alex said smiling her blue  eyes shined ,i nodded her touch my shoulder "be nice try not to be an asshole" Alex said  i chuckled  she ruffled my hair "bye!"Alex said  "bye" i said  the bell ran

here comes my terrible life  




 i came to the cafeteria this school isn't  bad but i know it will be , i came in i didn't want to eat i went outside i saw alex sitting alone near a tree .i tried to avoid here but i can't "hi,pierce"Alex said i waved and decided to walk over there  

"hey" i said sitting next to her on a  rock "where is your friends "  i said looking around "umm not alot of people like me, i can't blame them "Alex said i was confused.."why" i said "it was nothing " Alex said  "I'll tell you later i guess" Alex said  she stood up "bye" she said and ruffled my hair "hey, stop doing that!"i said "aha, okaie.." Alex said and walked off.

terribly confused



End of the day ***************

 school was horrible , jokes came about my father and me how did they know ? i got a lot of stares  wow. this school was  the same as the others

 i began to walk  when i felt someone touch my arm "hey"Alex's voice came "hi" i said  "well wanna hear my story ?" Alex said 

"but you'd problay hate me too "

what is this thing that might me hate her so much what did she do??

i shook my head were friends right ?..

she inhaled then , exhaled she looked at me i looked back she had really bright blue orbs ..i swear

" it all started..." she explained 








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