Saving Pierce.

''piece of shit, worth nothing..." Pierce Carson thought .
he cuts deeper. the blood drips down his wrist .

Pierce is a 17 year old boy moved in and out of houses with different' parents' every time .
he got abused, raped, by his father.
he cuts.
he gets adopted and meets the Xavier family
will he go through all the steps again , abused, raped hurt ...
or could he finally have freedom and peace? check out and see
will pierce finally get his peace, or could this turn out to be something he didn't imagine to happen?...


4. oh?





                 "it all  started..." Alex said 


 i looked at her , what is she going to say? i swallowed

" well, in the the beginning of grade 9 i went to a party and well i don't know why someone spiked my drink which was juice, that's what i thought...well, bottom line i was drunk and i kissed his random guy ,and it was hardcore , then next day i got a hangover not bad really ,the guy i kissed was in grade12 and he had a girlfriend  and she told lies ,threatened me, she said lies that  i was a  sleeping with guys that are in a relation ship! but i didn't even know i was drunk ,it was all a misunderstanding !" Alex said then sighed

"oh..." i said it's not bad ,but people make her seem bad. we started heading back to the house "now how was  school?"Alex said

"shit" i said

"oh why"

i shrugged i don't think i should tell her about my past , we finally got home i went to my room i  sat down i did my homework

god, math was confusing me ..

 i threw my hand in my hair


someone was  at my door, opened it i saw Alex standing near the door way "dinner's ready" Alex said  "you know what you did was just a misunderstanding , i don't hate you i just don't like you either"i said Alex widen her eyes ..this is fun .

"w-wat?" Alex said she ran out  woahh i didn't mean to do  that.. i sighed loud and shut my ugly damn math textbook. i stood up and walk downstairs

"heyyy, pierce " Riley  said , Kate smiled widely to me i smiled a bit ... i walked towards Alex she was sitting in the table i sensed  she heard me when i sat next to her she moved ...

"whats wrong? " i whispered "nothing"Alex mumbled  i knew by her face something was wrong ,i knew a lot by my face . Kate passed me my plate it looked yummy i ate , i turned to look at Alex her head was down ,eating ..i guess she took that joke seriously ...  "look, that was a joke , I'm sorry" i said and kept eating ... she turned i saw her big blue eyes she smiled  "really?" Alex said i smiled too "ohhh-*sigh*- i thought you hated me" Alex said "no i don't" i said  ,  i smiled  we kept eating , i was done i thanked Kate for the food , i was starting to get used to this family... Alex followed we climbed up the stairs i  reached my room when Alex said"thanks,for  not hating me" i shook my head'' think positive some people will believe your story some like you " i said pinching her cheek "ow "she said in a playful way she came over and hugged me  i was shocked  i never got a hug in about 2 years  then she let me go i seriously felt a tingle when her arms were around my waist .. i smiled then said bye ,got  in my room ...woahhh my feelings are just messed up..

i sat in my bed ughh i have to do math.... whatever... i got up to my bathroom i reached to grab my tooth brush .. when the pain in my wrists still hurt...damn cuts , i don't like cutting but i feel less stressed and relived  .

i hesitated then ,i got along and brushed my teeth  i washed my face ,i seemed more different now, my hair was lighter my eyes turned a bit lighter too i guess i smiled alot  , hmm  ha .

i got in my bed , i couldn't quite sleep so  i stared at the ceiling


after an hour of trying to sleep , i woke up what the hell? i got down and tried to sleep again ..that was weird then i  heard a noise  more like coming downstairs  like a rustle and banging on the door /knob i got  out of bed i took off my shirt  it was hot in my room i walked down to alex's room where at the same time she opened the door  "oh heyy, do you hear that ?" Alex said  i nodded  i tried not to look down and up  she was wearing a crop top and short shorts ,we stood listening then Kate , and Riley  came up "seems some one is trying to get in ,Alex stay in Pierce's room "Riley said  i nodded we got in my room i was scared  , we sat in a corner  i sat near Alex  i could feel our knees touching and when they did it tingled "I'm scared " Alex said "i am too" i said i got closer and put an arm around her to ease her with comfort  i felt tingling feeling ...

we heard banging shouting and more yelling  i could hear Alex praying and hoping her parents are okay...i just hope they were okay.. i was starting to like them ..

then i head police sirens  Alex started crying on my shoulder  i turned so she could hug me "what if there dead?" Alex said "don't think that..." i said  she looked at me then looked down i felt unsteady "ohh..okay"she rubbed her eyes  "i 'm gonna go  see" i said  i heard the police sirens closer and more shouting "no " Alex said grabbing my hand pulling me down ,i fell on top of her,i felt a sudden rush "stay with me" Alex said  i could feel her legs ,the urge i shook my head "i won't leave you" i said we locked eye contact her eyes glistening in the moon light .it made me smile

"i think i like you"......




A/N: HEYY, I KNOW I'VE BEEN OUT FOR LONG SORRY I TOOK SOME TIME OFF, ANYWAYS HERE IT S A NEW CHAPTER NEW DRAMA... yay can i hear team PLEX!!  lol i hope you guys like it love you<3 :)  this is Alex >>>she is so pretty :)




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