Saving Pierce.

''piece of shit, worth nothing..." Pierce Carson thought .
he cuts deeper. the blood drips down his wrist .

Pierce is a 17 year old boy moved in and out of houses with different' parents' every time .
he got abused, raped, by his father.
he cuts.
he gets adopted and meets the Xavier family
will he go through all the steps again , abused, raped hurt ...
or could he finally have freedom and peace? check out and see
will pierce finally get his peace, or could this turn out to be something he didn't imagine to happen?...


2. interuptions




             i was laying on this crappy bed it was so weird the room was a ugly shade of blue rather just leave  me with black . i was  thinking. why did my dad  have to abuse me ?i wasn't that kid at school  with the richest clothes the jock or anything  like that  i wasn't popular, i was a loser the kid who never had friends ,been made fun of the quiet kid in class i hated  school.


    i got interrupted  by a knock on the door  "Ugh"i groaned i got up opened the door harshly there was Alex "what?!" i said she was shocked  " um food's  ready" Alex said" i don't want!, now leave me the fuck alone!" i said i shut the door on her hard. i could her her feet moving away from the door  and leaving . i wrote in my journal :



         mar, 23

      can i just die?, if i died no one would even notice or care i never liked my life , I'm so hurt there's too much pain ,so can i just die i dealt with a lot I'm basically traumatized that bastard he doesn't deserve to be called dad he's disgusting , he was always drunk  he smoked ,he was abusive i hope someone kills him in jail . he  raped me too that i want to forget . it was all a day when a woman from next door heard screams and called the cops T he cops came i started cheering my dad was gone and now I'm in this dump. i  missed my mom so much even though 'she couldn't handle me' at least after my dad did to me she'd comfort me she could've done something ,my life is fucked up.



 i was done writing i decided to look out the window  look how the outside looks beautiful , but when you look closer it's just all ugly , were all hurt , scared and everything i started to cry but i held it back I'm not going to cry  i got up grabbed a razor i cut three 

deep cuts

 the pain suddenly went  away  

  another deep cut the blood started to ooze out

i went and   got up i wrapped it around the gauze or a bandage i had around both wrists before i cleaned my razor with some tissue i had i  put my razor away i got up closer to the window  then there was a knock ..ughh what do they want!

i opened my door no one was there i looked around i looked down there was a plate  with really good food but i just didn't want to eat . i closed the door i slept for 2 hours

   someone slid a paper  what the hell ? i got up got the paper  i opened it   it had a schedule of  a school named   St. fitzberry public school   and had my   classes? oh great school  ...


i slept more all the night i washed my teeth at some point and i saw a mirror i looked at myself i was so ugly and dead my light  brown hair was now an old shade of poo , my blue eyes were not as dim as i was when i was young i got mad , fuck my life !

i punched the mirror. hard. it broken in pieces a knock was at the bath room door "i need to pee ,get out" Alex said i groaned  i opened the door  shoved past her " pierce what did you do?!" Alex yelled  "shut up you whore" i said i walked to my door  went in my room and shut it hard.  i could hear Alex cursing . i didn't care.


 i slept with  my fists balled i was angry at my whole life.  i dreamed away







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