Saving Pierce.

''piece of shit, worth nothing..." Pierce Carson thought .
he cuts deeper. the blood drips down his wrist .

Pierce is a 17 year old boy moved in and out of houses with different' parents' every time .
he got abused, raped, by his father.
he cuts.
he gets adopted and meets the Xavier family
will he go through all the steps again , abused, raped hurt ...
or could he finally have freedom and peace? check out and see
will pierce finally get his peace, or could this turn out to be something he didn't imagine to happen?...


1. I'm Pierce Carson.



   I'M Pierce Carson  I'm 17 years old.i'm broken

 i cut ,been bullied , my dad always abused me , he even raped ,me he hurt me with words saying ' I'm useless' ,'stupid' and shit like that

he is shit.

 i hope he dies in hell .

my mother?,yeah my dad killed her when i was 5  he  got arrested charge with 4 years  in jail should have been for life,

he would send me letters and guess what i did.

burn them.

 i have no family left, not that i know of but if i did. no one

would care.

I've been with lots of adoptive parents in the past year. but none of them could handle me not one couldn't . not even my mom ....*flashback*


   "mom'' i said ''where are you?" i said over and over i heard shouting voices i ran to where the voices came from my parents room "i can't handle him" my mom shouted "you can't handle anything" my dad's was raspy he was mother breathed hard i opened the door more "he's too complicated" my dad said he looked over and i could see he looked at me .he knew i was there  "maybe we should give him to the  adoptive agency" my dad said. "no" my mom said " why?!! not?!" my dad yelled "i don't know Fred" my mom said "well i  know so let's do that!" my dad yelled he grabbed my mom by the hair  and pushed her to the wall ,her body hit the wall.hard. i started to cry 'no mommy please don't leave me, no daddy don't' i whispered my dad straddled her kept slapping her and punching her  he pulled out his big knife he turned to stare at me "are you watching ,pierce?!" my dad yelled i gasped as he sliced the knife through my mother's throat, i started to cry and cry ...  she was dead ,lifeless no one could save me now.


*flashback done*

 that bastard .he killed my mother . fuck you!! i cried in my dorm I'm broken. i grabbed my razor started to cut

that bastard.

my life.

deeper, i cut deeper it felt good ..the blood dripped down my wrist and hand .

my mom couldn't' even handle me.

i cried harder until i was gasping and sucked breaths for air . i stopped cut one deeper last cut ahh, the blood

i clean my wrist and razor  i put on a long sleeve shirt i heard a knock on my door.i walked to my door rubbing my eyes

" oh hey,Carl" i said , Carl was a one of the  staff  in this adoptive  agency he worked with me .he respected me, one of the people i could respect back .

he ruffled my hair "hey are you okay?" Carl said  i nodded as he stared at me i flinched my dad looked at me like that but more intensively. i nodded 

" pack your bags you got adopted  by " Carl read from a paper " the Xavier family"

" really?" said  i couldn't believe it , carl  nodded "pack your bags quickly  they'll be meeting you here in a hour" Carl said "bye kiddo" he ruffled my hair and hugged me "take care" Carl said with that he left shuting my door. i  quickly packed my things especially my journal i prayed that this family could at least 'handle him' .i didn't have much things just had one  suit case. i sat there waiting .


                                                 *one hour later*


i heard a knock on my door i got up opened it with my suit case by my side  i saw Carl with a blonde older lady with hazel eyes .and a man with brown hair and blue eyes . hey both looked rich compared to me i wore second-hand clothes some were ripped. "hello, pierce this is Kate and Riley  " Carl said"Kate and Riely this is pierce Carson"  "hello both of them said "hi" i said in monotone Carl started taking to them then Carl turned "got all your stuff?" Carl said i nodded carl told them they can leave with me carl waved bye to me i waved back  "so how are you pierce?" the man said good i had a bad feeling about him i flinched . thoughts came to my dad  he doesn't deserve to be called dad he's a bastard ."googd"i replied they carried my suit case  inside the back of a big good looking truck . they opened the door i got in they started talking to me i didn't talk much. i got tired of them already.

 we reached a house not to big though, it was build of stones and bricks it looked like a cottage with the forests around it basically caving it in the sun shined down on the house and forests it looked beautifully "here we are!" Kate said the blond lady , i got out of the car they helped with the suitcase we went to the front door of the house, Kate opened the door she took off her shoes inside i did the same  i walked to a room that had couch and a t.v? I'd never had one "mom"a girl's voice came "here honey, meet pierce" Kate said i saw this girl she had black hair and blue eyes  she was slim but not skinny she extremely long hair"oh hi pierce I'm Alexandra, but call me Alex" she said i nodded  Kate took me to my room . it was small but not too small and blue but had a god view  " make yourselve at home" Kate said then went walking out leaving me  it was getting dark.i layed on my bed looking out the window    



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