Saving Pierce.

''piece of shit, worth nothing..." Pierce Carson thought .
he cuts deeper. the blood drips down his wrist .

Pierce is a 17 year old boy moved in and out of houses with different' parents' every time .
he got abused, raped, by his father.
he cuts.
he gets adopted and meets the Xavier family
will he go through all the steps again , abused, raped hurt ...
or could he finally have freedom and peace? check out and see
will pierce finally get his peace, or could this turn out to be something he didn't imagine to happen?...





     "i think i like you" i said i soon as i said it i regretted it ..i could see Alex's  eyes wide open 

i sighed  ,i knew i should of  not said that... "umm.." Alex said  i sighed deeply i got off her i sat next to her  , i notice the sound was away ,then i felt a sudden rush  i notice Alex was on top of me. it felt nice  "i think i like you too" Alex said started giggling a bit .omg her giggling was absolutely cute  then she was about to get off , when i pulled  her back "hmm?" she asked she was sitting on my lap i admired her more , she was so perfect "why are starring at me like that " Alex said

"cause your beautiful " i said i pulled her in and kissed her..and oh my gosh her lips were the best ,she kissed back we started getting deep into it when..... i was going hard i didn't like the feeling ,she felt it  since she was sitting on my lap i felt myself going red "don't be embarrassed "Alex said  ,she kissed me more ,i kissed her back  ,she was touch my chest  i hesitated thoughts of my dad , i tried to push it away so very hard i tried  i felt myself getting tense i wanted to erase  all the memories from those days ..

alex stopped  "what's wrong"  "nothing" i said  she got off i sighed  "something's wrong" Alex said i put my  head down i just want to erase everything  ..that bastard did to me  

i could feel Alex's hand wrapped around mine's  i felt the sudden rush  " tell me ,what's wrong" alex said i can't keep this from anyone any more so i told her everything..absolutely everything

"ohhh. that's disgusting. so that's why you hesitated ?" Alex said i saw her get red it was cute. " yea, just memories came back i want to forget them " i said

she gave me a kiss on the cheek "well I'm here for you " Alex said i smiled "we should probably check ,downstairs" i said Alex nodded

as we went don stairs i  saw my house was in a mess "what happened ?" i said "we got robbed but they didn't take alot "Kate said  "are you okay " i said  "yes thank you are you guys both okay ?" i said we both nodded i could feel  Alex smirking  . i smirked back  all night long we discussed with police officers  about the robbery situation but were lucky no one got hurt after the police left we lock our doors shut with extra security , the robbers only took about four things , we started cleaning up  i got real tired "i'm a bit tired " i said "im gonna go to sleep" "okay " Kate &Riley said  i went up  stairs  and got to bed when i heard the door open i saw alex "umm.. good night , and i  like you too , but i guess you already knew that " Alex said looking down "yeah " i said ''come here'' she came into bed with me and we slept together   i think i'm getting happier.



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