Her Hero

Cayla and Brian were two different people. Cayla came from a rich family whose lives were carefree and full of life. She had a huge group of friends and a wonderful (rich) boyfriend who loved her. Where as Brian; was the complete opposite. He was a troubled kid who was failing school, planning on being in a band and would get laughed at everyday by Cayla and her friends for running home everyday from the bus. But little did Cayla know that by running, he was saving the only thing that made sense to him. This went on for months, until one day; he stopped running.


3. Cayla

     "Don't forget your homework due on Tuesday! Have a lovely three day weekend!" Screams Sra. Strainer.

     "Oh I will."  I think to myself.

     I turn the corner to walk up the stairs. Three days with Mitch. Three whole days with Mitch! I get to spend three whole days with the most amazing guy in the world. How did I get so lucky? As I walk through the hallway, I think about how I want the weekend to turn out, but my thoughts are interrupted at the sight of him. His blue v-neck shirt and black denim jeans stand out from the rest of the crowd and my heart skips a couple beats. As I make my way towards my locker, he looks at me and smiles. I smile back and start to blush. What a fool Mitch makes of me. 

     "Hey babe." His words feel like a cool wind across my cheek as he reaches for my hand and kisses me. My heart thumps as I kiss him back and reply, "Hey sweetie."

     "You ready to go?" He strokes my thumb and I smile.

     "Just gotta put my books in my locker and I'll be good to go." I do the combination on my locker. 01-15-13; The day Mitch asked me to be his girlfriend. I had the ladies at the office change it for me. This way, I'll never forget my combo. I place the books neatly in my locker and shut it. Taking Mitch's hand, we walk to the front of the building without saying a word. As I walk out the door, I take note of the weather. Its warm. Too warm for autumn. Mitch lets go of my hand in order to take off his jacket and we walk onto the bus. There, in the front seat, right next to the door is Brian blasting his dreadful metal music. I roll my eyes and take my normal seat in the back right next to Chelsea.

     "Hey sweet thang. Hey Mitch." She replies while moving to sit in her regular position: back to the window and legs crossed Indian style on the seat.

     "Hey Chels." Mitch and I say at the same time. He looks to me and smiles kissing my forehead. He smells delicious.

     As the bus ride begins we all sit in silence. Chelsea listens to music and texts her boyfriend while he should be working, and Mitch and I hold hands and kiss every once in a while. A couple class mates get off and I wait staring out the window. Suddenly the bus stops at an old unpaved driveway. Far back almost covered completely by trees is an old beat up white house. All of the shutters are either falling off or shut and the doors' paint is chipping. The mailbox says Ritche. Here it is. 

     The bus comes to a stop and as soon as the doors open, he runs down the stairs, off the bus almost tripping. Regaining his balance, he grips his books and runs faster all the way down his driveway nearing the house. As the bus pushes off and begins moving again, Mitch, Chelsea and I start laughing.

     "Oh my god hahaha again? He does this everyday!" Chelsea says in between giggles.

     "Who was that?" Mitch says laughing. "He looks like a fucking idiot!"

     I couldn't have agreed more. He really did look stupid. Why did he run? Did he really think he was going to miss something if he didn't get there 15 seconds earlier? I control my laughter and say, "That's Brian."

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