Her Hero

Cayla and Brian were two different people. Cayla came from a rich family whose lives were carefree and full of life. She had a huge group of friends and a wonderful (rich) boyfriend who loved her. Where as Brian; was the complete opposite. He was a troubled kid who was failing school, planning on being in a band and would get laughed at everyday by Cayla and her friends for running home everyday from the bus. But little did Cayla know that by running, he was saving the only thing that made sense to him. This went on for months, until one day; he stopped running.


1. Cayla

     "Happy 9 months to me and my boo <3 I LOVE YOU MITCH! ;*  @MitchluvsCayla

     "Look what I just tweeted Mitch!" I hand my pink IPhone to my best friend Chelsea. She takes the phone in her hands, squints her ocean blue eyes and smiles.

     "You two are so adorable!" She squeals and places the phone back in my hands. "Are we all still on for tonight? Damion said that he can meet us at your house after work."

     "Hell yes we are! This is gonna be a blast. My mom's out of town on a business meeting and won't be back until Monday night, and my dad's going out with his friends to some bar in New York, so we will have the WHOLE house to ourselves. And when I say the whole house, the pool and vodka is included." I wink at her and start day dreaming about this weekend. Just me, Mitch, Chelsea and her boyfriend Damion spending the next three days together. Suddenly I feel hands around my waist interrupting my day dream and I turn to find the most handsome guy in North Field High School; Mitch Jacob Adams. I study his features: his long chocolate hair swirled around his forehead defining his sparkling sea green eyes. His jawline was defined just enough to make his lush colored lips stand out. He was tall, tanned and well muscled. His arms were strong; just enough to make you pay attention to them and his six-pack made you drool. And most of all; he was all mine.

     "Happy 9 months baby." He breathed as he caressed my cheek and looked into my eyes. He smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. He smelled delicious, kind of like-

    "OKAY LOVE BIRDS. GET OFF EACH OTHER. YOU'LL HAVE TIME FOR THAT THIS WEEKEND." Chelsea yelled sarcastically. I turned towards her and blushed.

     "Oh please, like you don't make out with Damion all the chance you get." I smirked at her and checked my phone. Only 1 more hour until this weekend. Why can't time move faster. I turned to Mitch and held his hand. "Chelsea's boy toy is going to meet us at my house after he gets out of work."

     "That means no drinking or sexual actions of any kind until he gets there! I don't want to be the third wheel!" Chelsea addressed and pointed at Mitch.

     "I can't promise anything, Cayla's too hot. Just one look and she drives me crazy!" Mitch winked at me, bit his lip and squeezed my ass. 

     "Oh please!" I pushed him playfully. I knew I wasn't unattractive. I just wish I looked a bit more like Chelsea. She was a skinny and tan with black hair and ocean blue eyes. Her collar bones stuck out and her boobs were enough to make guys stare. I was just skinny. I didn't have the boobs or the ass to make any guy stare but Mitch. What made me desirable was my full set of perfectly pink lips, my blonde waist-length hair and piercing green eyes. We were the hottest girls in school, we knew it. And we were not afraid to show it; especially today. Chelsea was wearing a bright blue bandeau top that gave her just the right amount of cleavage and made her eyes pop, high waisted denim short shorts that were just long enough to not show her ass, and nude strapped wedges. I wore a light pink skin tight tank top with cheetah printed shorts and light pink heels that showed off my legs. No one could deny, we looked fantastic.

    The bell rang for 7th period and I groaned. "Meet me at my locker after next period and we can walk to the bus together, okay babe?" I turned to Mitch. 

     "Of course sweet thing." He kissed me passionately, jumped up and walked out of the classroom to his next class. His ass was perfect. I quickly caught myself and stood up to get my books from the seat next to me. "I'll see you on the bus Chels!" 

     "Kay boo." We parted and I made my way to Spanish class. No me gusta.

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