Her Hero

Cayla and Brian were two different people. Cayla came from a rich family whose lives were carefree and full of life. She had a huge group of friends and a wonderful (rich) boyfriend who loved her. Where as Brian; was the complete opposite. He was a troubled kid who was failing school, planning on being in a band and would get laughed at everyday by Cayla and her friends for running home everyday from the bus. But little did Cayla know that by running, he was saving the only thing that made sense to him. This went on for months, until one day; he stopped running.


4. Brian

     "Run. Faster. Hurry."

     As I'm running down the driveway, my breathing gets heavier. I run as fast as I can. Everyday. I have to. 

     "Two more feet." I tell myself. As I get to the door, I throw it open and run into the living room. I toss my books on the old torn apart couch and run into the hall way not even bothering to close the door. 

     "ALLIE?!" I scream peaking my head into the bathroom. She's not there. "ALLIE!" I scream again waiting for a reply. Nothing. "ALLIE! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I clumsily run down the hall and slam the door to Allie's bedroom open. The pink bedspread is thrown to the bottom of the bed and her curtains are open. "Allie?" I look around and search in the closet. "Where is she." My breathing gets heavier as I run back into the kitchen. "ALLIE!" I scream once again breaking into tears. No. Please don't let this be. She can't be-

     "Brian!" I turn to look at the front door. Allie's standing there with her black hair up in a loose bun, yoga pants and one of my band tee-shirts. Standing in the doorway like that, I would say she almost looks beautiful. And at first glance, that's what she was; until I stared. Her face was thin, and her eyes were lined with heavy purple bags giving her the effect that she hadn't slept in weeks. She was pale; too pale, her hair was practically the complete opposite of her skin tone. My band tee was huge on her although I wear a size small. She looked frail. Almost as though she was all bones. Her collarbones were prominent and even though my shirt was covering her, so were her hip bones. Her yoga pants weren't tight to her legs like they were supposed to, they were loose; looser than last week, and her legs held a great gap in between them. "Why are you screaming my name! I'm right here!" Even though she was shouting, her voice seemed as tiny as a whisper. She was losing her voice, her body wasn't big enough to support the voice she once had.

     "Allie!"  I ran over to hug her. I hugged her tight, and realized that if I hug too tight, I could break her. I loosened my hug and turned to her. "I was just worried about you. That's all. You know how I worry."

     "Yeah I know. You shouldn't though. There's no need." She slipped out of my grip and sat down on a beat up chair in the living room. I went into the kitchen to get an apple, and as I opened the fridge, I grabbed two, and walked back into the living room.

     "Here, this ones for you." I reach out to give her the apple and she looks at it. Her eyes gave the impression that she wanted the apple. More like needed the apple, but then she shook her head like she had some horrible thought and looked at it in disgust. 

     "I'm not hungry." She said still staring at the apple. I sit down next to her and look her in the eyes.

     "Allie. Please. Please eat the apple. You haven't eaten in months and you're hungry. I know you are."

     "Brian! I said I'm not hungry, please leave me alone." She turned to me and stared. "Please. I'm not hungry." 

     "Okay." I got up and went back into the kitchen, putting both apples away. I glance out the window and start to cry. "She really scared me today. But everything's alright. Everything is fine, as long as we can get through this."

     I walk out of the kitchen into my room. As I lay back on my bed, I close my eyes and start thinking about how I'll be laughed at again on Tuesday.

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