Shannon's Bus tour

This is a travel guide thing we had to write back in 5th grade lol...5 years ago...I find it kinda cute.


1. Shannon's bus tour

Shannon: Hello my name is Shannon; I'm your travel guide.

Fran: I'm Fran and i'll be driving you around.

Shannon: So let's get to know each other.

Mom: My name is Kara. I'm the mom of this family.

Dad: My name is Marty, the dad of this family.

Chris: I'm Chris. Do you have radio?

Nora: Addie you will never sing as good as me!

Shannon: Please say your name!

Nora: Nora is my name. I'm so cute!

Addie: My name is Addie. I know some facts you will say today from class.

Shannon: That's great.

Fran: Shannon where are we visiting today?

Shannon: Mexico.

Fran: Ok dudes.

Shannon: Here we are in Mexico.

Nora: What are some life styles they have?

Shannon: Well let's see.

Dad: What's all the stuff in this building and these fields?

Shannon: Oh yeah, they have lots of festivals here. Girls would dress up in beautiful dresses on these days.

Nora: I love mexico already.

All (Except Nora): We all do!

Nora: i love it better than my older brother and little sister!

Mom: Be nice, Nora

Nora: OK, OK

Chris: Did they do any crafts when they were listening to the radio?

Shannon: They made hand-painted pottery

Mom: Like what?

Shannon: Bowls, Plates, and Pots.

Nora: What is pottery?

Addie: It's a clay craft that they paint.

Shannon: Let's pass it around.

Mom and Dad: Very pretty with the colors

Chris and Addie: Yeah.

Nora: Ahh, It's still hot! (Smash sound)

Mom: Nora, whats with you today?

Shannon: Now we're going to Brazil.

Fran: OK dudes.

Shannon: We're at Iguacu Falls, where the Puruna and Iguaco rivers meet at Brazil's most spectacular feature.

All: They look beautiful.

Addie: Yes they do.

Dad: Look it's a rain forest.

Shannon: Yes rain forests are on the bank of the Amazon River.

Dad: I don't see the store here shannon.

Shannon: Ha, Ha, Ha.

Nora: I kind of like Mexico better.

Dad: I like here better.

Addie, mom, and Chris: We like both.

Addie: I like Mexico because of the lifestyles they have and Brazil because of the geography!

Shannon: Fran we're going to Cuba now.

Fran: Ok dudes.

Mom: What's this place in Cuba?

Shannon and Addie: This is Havana the capital.

Chris: Can you tell us some facts about this place?

Shannon: Spanish settlers found Havana in 1515.

Addie: I didn't know that.

Mom and Dad: That sounds so cool.

Nora: Yeah.

Dad: Look at all these buildings.

Nora: I know.

Shannon: You will find historical buildings in the early 1500's in old Havana.

Addie: Yes cuba's history is so fantastic.

Shannon: yes it is.

Mom: I love this place so much.

Shannon: Fran now we're going to Guatemala.

Fran: Ok dudes.

Nora: Shannon, I love all the places we have visited now.

Addie: Do you guys know what the economy is there?

Chris: No, What?

Shannon: They're famous for their coffee beans.

Chris and Nora: Eww, We don't like the smell of coffee!

Dad: Honey, I was wondering the other day where coffee came from and now I know.

Shannon: The economy ships over the beans to places like North America and England.

Nora: What's the government of Guatemala?

Shannon: They are republicans.

Mom: That's cool.

Dad: Do they have landmarks?

Addie: I know one.

Shannon: me too.

Nora: So what is it?

Shannon: Well the panama Canal is the only way from the pacific Ocean to the atlantic on a ship without going all the way around South America.

Nora: That's cool.

Shannon: Well I hope you liked the bus tour. So thanks for coming.

Whole family: Thank you Shannon and Fran.

Fran: It was fun dudes.

All: This was the best bus tour ever.

The End







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