Ghost Town

I woke up to find I was alone. Everyone was gone. Even Lewis my boyfriend was no where to be found.

Lilly is an ordinary 22 year old, until she wakes up to find she is alone and everyone has vanished into thin air.


1. The Beginning

I never knew that one day I would wake up completely alone, not feeling emotionally alone but really alone. As if everyone had packed up their stuff and gone on holiday or moved. The scariest thing was that I was the reason, a reason I would never really understand, a reason I couldn’t understand. I circled the town on my own, every house empty. The air even felt deserted. The sky was empty too.

Sometimes you don’t realise what it’s like to be alone until the day when you truly are alone with no one but yourself to blame.  

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

I woke up to my alarm clock screeching at me, I reached over and switched it off. I yawned then turned around to kiss Lewis’, my twenty three year old boyfriend, lips. His eyes fluttered open to reveal his perfect blue eyes. He gave me a small smile then climbed out of bed.

“Morning,” He mumbled, slipping on his dark blue dressing gown.

“Morning how was your sleep?” I replied, not moving an inch. The alarm is really for Lewis as he has to leave for work at ten.

“It was great, thanks, you?” he replied as he left the room. He never waits for my reply, he expects me to get out of bed and follow him. I sighed then climbed out of bed and followed him to the kitchen.

“How was your sleep?” Lewis asked again, his voice calm, as I picked up the box of cat food.

“It was alright, woke up around two.” I mumbled, pouring food into Gumball’s, my cat, food bowl. Gumball circled around my legs as he waited for me to place the bowl down on the mat. I placed the bowl down and grabbed a bowl out of the cupboard.

“Are you working today?” Lewis asked. I turned to look at him as I poured cereal into my bowl.

“Yup,” I mumbled, my voice full of disappointment. “Gets me out of the house though,” I poured the milk into my bowl and grabbed a spoon, joining Lewis on the table.

Lewis ran his left hand threw his messy light brown hair and looked at me with worried eyes. “If Sandra is being a cow again then just leave, no one is making you work there.”

“Where else can I work though? There aren’t any other libraries where I can work.” I snapped.

“You don’t have to work in a library, there are book shops too.” He suggested. I shook my head.

“It is fine anyway, soon she will be leaving.” I replied. I looked outside to see it was raining.

“I better get ready.” Lewis murmured as he stood up and put his bowl in the dishwasher. I watched him as we walked off to the bedroom. Lewis and I have lived in this flat for three months now, even though we have been together for a few years we have only just recently moved in together.

I finished my bowl of cereal and shoved it into the dishwasher. I sat back at the table and picked up a newspaper that Lewis had bought home yesterday from work. The main article was about a ghost sighting.

A few days ago a ghost sighting has been reported in Spiritus Town. Historians have reported that history may be repeated and ghosts will return, but these stories of past hauntings of this town were from the nineteenth century. Many people have said that the ghost wanders alone.

If you have spotted any sightings of a ghost in Spiritus Town then email

I laughed at the article and placed the paper down.

“The article is true, according to Mark. He wrote the article.” Lewis said as he walked into the kitchen to say goodbye. “Bye, Lilly.” He said and kissed my forehead.

“Bye, have a nice day.” And then Lewis was gone. I sighed then got up and took a shower.

I got changed into my black trousers and navy jumper. I couldn’t wear anything casual to work.  I grabbed my bag and walked into the living room. I didn’t have to leave for another hour but it’s always a good idea to get ready before so I’m not in some crazy rush when I have to leave.

Work was boring; I had to replace every returned book. I finally got to go home once the library was closed. When I was back at the flat I started cooking dinner. I cooked pizza and me and Lewis ate it in silence. He helped wash up then I went to bed. I didn’t know why he was ignoring me, we didn’t argue this morning. Lewis worries me sometimes. I have to admit that I woke up crying during the night.

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep!

I groaned as I woke up once more to my alarm clock screeching at me. I switched it off, happy that it was quiet again. I turned around to find I was alone.  I got up quickly. Lewis has never left without a note or something, never. I searched the flat to find it empty. All of his stuff was still here so he couldn’t of left. Maybe he needed to go to work early. I looked out the front to find his car still there. Even Gumball was gone. I started to panic as I realised Lewis and Gumball were gone. I looked outside and it looked like every other morning except no cars were driving down the always busy roads. I picked up my phone from the side and called Lewis, only to hear his phone ringing from the bedroom. I sighed and sat on the sofa and cried.

Maybe Lewis had left, maybe he has found happiness else where. I was sure he was happy, he wouldn’t just leave me. I wiped my tears away; I was twenty two I wasn’t supposed to cry. I was supposed to go out and look for him. I got changed into my dark blue jeans and plain black t-shirt. I grabbed my grey jumper and pulled it on. I grabbed Lewis’ car keys and pulled on my black boots.

I left the flat and walked outside. It was disturbingly quiet. As if the whole world had left me. A strange wave of déjà vu hit me and I ran to the car. I opened the door and climbed in. I turned the key in the ignition and searched every road. Every house had its curtain pulled, but that’s normal since it is half eight in the morning. I even drove to Tesco’s, which is open this early, to find it closed and empty. Trying to stay calm I drove back to see a person walked down Orchard Avenue, the road next to mine. I pulled over and the man looked at me. That was when I noticed I could see directly through him. 

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