Charlie, Jesse, and Me

Charlie and Demi go to school together. Demi admires from afar- what makes charlie so popular with the girls? No one knows. But in sheer desperation, Charlie and Demi make a choice to get Lucy of his back, but will this choice give rise to feelings they never knew existed?


6. Time

Time passed. The hours turned to days, they days to weeks, and the weeks to months. Lucy was none the wiser to their play, and neither was anyone else. Though as time passed, my life deteriorated. My sister got a boyfriend, Pablo, and decided to spend all her time with him, ignoring me completely. Molly, Clare and Amy were busy studying for exams at the end of the year, and Kate just spent mo and more time with Dara. I was alone, me and my thoughts and Charlie. David still bothered me, occasionally beating me up, leaving me behind the school buildings crying, bruised and bleeding. Charlie never was in the right place at the right time. He never saw it happen, I never told him. So my depression got worse. In classes, my grades dropped. I stopped paying attention. Instead I drew and wrote. Writing had stopped giving me the pleasure that it once had. The ability to express through words had lost its charm. It was nearing summer holidays, and I just felt horrible. Me and Charlie were wandering the halls together.
"Demi, I'm worried about you." Charlie said.
"Why?" I asked, perking up at the fact he had noticed something.
"You know exactly why, Demi. You aren't eating, you aren't sleeping, you're failing every class, and you never smile anymore." Charlie said concernedly.
"I don't know what it is, Charlie, I'm just not happy anymore."
"Demi, you need to go to the counsellor more."
"I can't. I'm already failing every class."
"Your happiness is more important than your grades."
"Charlie, I just want to be alone for a while, ok?"
"Ok. But I'm here for you."

At the end of the day, it started to rain. I trudged back home in the rain without Aileen, who was visiting Pablo. I trudged up the stairs at home, up to my room.
"Where ya goin', hun?" my mam asked.
"I just want some time alone, mam."
What I was going to do, it was unforgivable. It was wrong, it was dumb, and it would hurt so many people, but I was sick of doing the right thing for everyone else. I set up the chair, and the rope, whilst downstairs something extraordinary happened. Charlie burst through my front door.
"I'm sorry to barge in, Ma'am, but where's Demi?"
"She's upstairs Charlie, but she wanted some alone time."
"Thanks. Demi! Stop!" I heard, shouted from downstairs. Charlie burst into my room. "Stop, please, just stop."
"Why Charlie? Why?"
"Because-because-because I love you. And Aileen and Kate and Molly and Clare and Amy love you. And because if you do this, that'll be it. You can turn your life around, you can pass your classes, you can eat, you can sleep, and you can smile that gorgeous smile again. But if you do this, you'll never get that chance. Just stop! Please!"
"Charlie, you don't love me. That is just a lie. We aren't together. You said that kiss meant nothing, that we aren't meant to be. I'm only your FAKE girlfriend."
"Demi, that was only at first. At first I was just using you to hide from Lucy. I put you in harm's way. But gradually, we grew to love each other. We shared our secrets that we had never told anyone. We tried to block out that we were falling for each other, because we assumed that everything that falls breaks. But not us. We fell, but we were strong and we didn't break. And I love you."
"I-I-I don't know what to say."
"Say it back."
"I love you Charlie." I got down off the chair and ran into Charlie's arms. W just stood, hugging, for what seemed like and eternity, but was in reality mere minutes. The feeling of happiness that I got from finally having someone who loved me for who I am, and not out of an obligation, was amazing. I could have stood there for hours with Charlie, not saying anything, just hugging.
"So. What ya wanna do?" Charlie asked me in a sickly sweet voice.
"Em, how about we take down that noose before my mam sees it?" I said awkwardly.
"Good idea." Charlie nodded in agreement.

I walked to school in a glorious mood the next morning. The Five were waiting outside lockers for me.
"Good morning!" I said in an exceptionally cheery voice. "What's gotten in to her?" Kate asked Aileen in a whisper.
"Let her tell you. It's lovely." Aileen whispered back, with a wry smile forming on her face.
"You will not believe this." I said to them, happily willing to explain the events of the previous day. "Charlie...."
"Yes...." The group replied.
"He loved me!" I almost screamed in excitement. An array of smiles spread out before me. But there was only four. Amy had walked off, turned away.
"Amy! Amy!" I called after her, jogging to keep up. "What's wrong?"
"You said that you'd never go out with Charlie. That because he didn't see anything in me, that you'd never do it. You lied to me." Amy sobbed.
"Amy, I-"
"Shut up Demi. I'm sick of hearing your voice. Leave me alone." Amy shouted at me, then ran off.
"What happened? What's wrong?" Aileen asked as the rest of the Five had ran after me.
"Help me find Charlie. He's the only one who can fix it." I replied. We searched for Charlie, all the while me explaining what had happened between Charlie and Amy months ago.
"Charlie! I need you to do something!" I said go Charlie when we finally found him.
"Sure babe. Anything." Charlie replied, slightly puzzled.
"Talk to Amy. She's angry at me for going out with you. She is unbelievably hung up on you Charlie. You need to talk to her."
"Ok. I'll do it." Charlie said with a sense of dread. And he walked off to find Amy.

Whatever Charlie said, whatever he did, Amy wasn't angry with me the next day. She wasn't entirely civil, but she apologised.
"Demi, I'm-"
"It's ok, Amy. I don't blame you. It was stupid of me to not consider our friendship."
"It was stupid of me to blame you. Charlie really loves you, Demi. He really does. And I should have been happy for you, not angry."
"It's ok. You were angry. Friends?"
"Forever." Amy replied with a smile. We both had separate classes next, so we went our own ways. Later, at lunch, me and Charlie were hanging in the yard with the Five.
"Well. The cute couple. When were you going to tell everyone the truth, Charlie?" came a voice from behind us. It was Lucy.
"What in the name of all that's good n' holy are you on about, Lucy?" Charlie asked.
"The fact that you two don't even like each other. That you've been lying to everyone. That you two never liked each other, and this was all a sly plot to get me to back off." Lucy responded. The secret was out. A crowd started to gather around us.
"That's not true, Lucy." Charlie replied.
"Oh really? Then what's this?" Lucy replied, pulling a tape recorder out of her pocket and pressing play.
"Please, Demi. Help me. You know we aren't meant to be. This isn't real. Just help me. I need to keep Lucy away from me. Please?" Charlie's voice said, coming out of the recorder. The crowd that had gathered looked at us, shocked and appalled that we had done this.
"Lucy, that was then. This is now." Charlie said.
"Nothing's changed, Charlie. You're just lying to save your ass from me." Lucy sniped.
"Lucy, when this started, I'll admit I didn't like Demi in that way. But over the past couple of months, we've grow to love each other. We've learned so much about each other. And ourselves, thanks to each other. Demi and I, we've had hard lives so far. We were able to talk solace in the fact that we both knew the other's feelings, their hardships, their pain. And now, I love Demi. And if you can't see that from the way I am defending our love now, then you are blind to true love." Charlie said with such feeling, such power, that it shocked the crowd. Charlie is so gentle, but now when I'm being threatened he's like a wolf.
"Prove it. Show us all that you love Demi." Lucy challenged.
"Ok. Last week, I wrote this poem for Demi." Charlie said, pulling the paper from his schoolbag. He started to read.
Her eyes sparkle like deep blue diamonds,
Her skin shines like a star,
Her hair flows like a river,
Her lips are as red as fire.
When she walks, she stands tall,
When she talks, her silky voice flows from her lips,
When she runs, she runs like a cheetah,
When she smiles, the world smiles with her.
When you gaze into her deep eyes, you lose yourself,
When you talk to her, you find yourself entranced by her voice,
When you see her smile, you can’t help but smile back,
When you hear her laugh, you erupt into laughter with her.
She is beautiful; She is kind,
She is always on my mind.
She is caring; She’s a ray of sunshine,
And she is the love of mine." Charlie read, every word rolling from his mouth. At the end, there was a tear rolling down his cheek. The tears were welling in my eyes. The crowd of people, they felt the love in his words. Someone started to clap. Gradually, the whole crowd was clapping. Teachers had joined too, entranced by the story of young love. The clapping died down, and Charlie turned to me.
"Demi, I love you. I never want to leave you. Life is so much better with you around. You've changed me for the better. You've saved me from myself. I love you." Charlie said, tears streaming down his cheeks. I ran to him and embraced him. He turned to Lucy.
"Lucy, if you can't see that I love Demi, then you will never feel love, and that heart coated in stone you have will never be broken out of it's shell." Charlie said.
"Fine. I was wrong." Lucy sobbed. "You two, you're meant to be together."
Lucy ran off. She never bothered me and Charlie again.

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