Charlie, Jesse, and Me

Charlie and Demi go to school together. Demi admires from afar- what makes charlie so popular with the girls? No one knows. But in sheer desperation, Charlie and Demi make a choice to get Lucy of his back, but will this choice give rise to feelings they never knew existed?


1. The Beginning

School started normally. Well, as normal as school ever does. It was half past eight, so most people were already in. Molly and Clare, my BESTOS, had gone off the locker room to get their books. So I wandered around, taking in the atmosphere. I saw Clare's sister, Kate, with her boyfriend Dara. (Kate is my sister; not literally, we're not related, but Clare said I could "Borrow" her.) Clinging onto each other as if their lives depended on it, as usual, with Charlie and a few other assorted people. Not important people. Not central to this story, like Charlie. Charlie is a nice guy. He isn't particularly attractive, and he's not a jock, but for some reason a lot of girls like him. I mean LIKE like. It isn't his brown, short cut hair, or his pale blue eyes. It isn't his pale skin, or his quite impressive six foot in height. I may never exactly place it, but something about Charlie makes him a heartthrob among the girls of my year, including myself. We have even discovered that it's easier to list people who don't LIKE like Charlie. Back to the people in the yard. I looked a bit more, and I saw Lucy and Amy. Lucy is nice. She likes Charlie, a lot. Amy does to. She is a real nerd. Loves music and singing though. Gets bad stage fright. Redhead, which in this school makes her a soul eater, even though we are in Ireland, the land of Paddy's. We talk a lot. Mostly about Charlie. We both like him. He's so, I dunno, something that just turns almost every girl in our year into a squealing child. Enough about Charlie. After a few more minutes of loneliness with my Sony headphones blasting, Molly and Clare.  Bell rings, me, Molly and Clare trudge off to form room, talking about Stephen Amell's abs. Well, me talking, them listening and savouring the moment of girly-ness. I am not a girly girl. I am the most tomboyish of all girls. My current attire, loose jeans, football jersey and hoodie scream I DRESS WHATEVER THE HELL WAY I LIKE. DRESS? NO. SKIRT? NO. SKINNY JEANS? HELLS NO. I would love to say I'm skinny, but this is a true story and thus the truth must be told: defo a little pudgy in places. I'm of a normal height for a 17 year old girl. I have black rimmed glasses, left lens about a jillion times stronger than the right, and at least twice as thick, even though it's a thinned lens. I've had the joy of wearing glass over my eyes since I was seven. I talk A LOT. So whenever I'm quiet, people think something's up, normally is. I will tell you more about me later, but that is not why we are here. We are here to talk about a story. The story of Charlie, Jesse and Me, Demi.

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