Charlie, Jesse, and Me

Charlie and Demi go to school together. Demi admires from afar- what makes charlie so popular with the girls? No one knows. But in sheer desperation, Charlie and Demi make a choice to get Lucy of his back, but will this choice give rise to feelings they never knew existed?


7. Change

It was Saturday night. The Fantastic Five and I were going out to dinner, along with their boyfriends. Aileen and Pablo, Kate and Dara, Molly and Christian, Clare and Daniel, Amy and Jeremy, me and Charlie. After Lucy gave in, everything had gone well. All of the Five now had boyfriends. My grades went back up. Charlie started playing rugby, and well at that. I had started a writing club in school, and a band. Aileen and Kate graduated, the two of them going to college in the new year. Amy forgave me and Charlie, and found another guy. Dinner was delicious. All our lives had changed. Gotten better. And we had no one to thank. Except, maybe, Jesse.

Charlie woke early that morning. How do I know? He woke up beside me. He stays over on saturday nights now. He did what he usually did on Sundays: Went to his guidance counsellor.
"So Charlie. How are things going?" the counsellor asked. His name is Thomas. He's a middle aged man, very nice.
"Exceptional, Tom, exceptional." Charlie said, smiling.
"You've seemed very chipper lately, Charlie. Like the world has finally found the right way up for you. You've finally found something you never had."
"You could say that. It's been very up and down, the last few months, but I've come out of it a better person. My life has found a good direction. It's found which way is up. I haven't cut in weeks. And don't feel the need to any more."
"Charlie, this is excellent. So what's done this?"
"Demi. She's so, I don't know. I love her, Tom. She's changed my life. She's made me the man who sits before you today. She's shown me what it is to live again. To smile, and to mean it. To say "I love you" and mean it. For someone to love me, and not out of pity of my past. Out of who I am. Who loves every ounce of me, loves the me that hates me. Loves the all the bad things about me. That love that everyone longs to have."
"She sounds amazing, Charlie. Describe her to me."
"She has long, brown hair. Most of the time, she wears it in a ponytail, but when she wants to make an effort, she wears it down and it takes your breath away. She has beautiful, deep, clear blue eyes. They sparkle in the sunlight, glint and shine. Lovely pale skin, that bear the scars of pain, depression and cutting, but radiates happiness now. She's about the same height as my shoulder. She has a lovely, infectious laugh. She is so paranoid about her looks, even though she's beautiful. She never wears makeup, and dresses for comfort, not style. She has big, square, black glasses that frame her eyes and emphasise her eyelashes. And she's so smart. Straight A student. She's beautiful. She's everything I need now, and everything I'll ever need."
"That's beautiful, Charlie. You really do love her. How did you end up going out?"
"Oh, funny story. I guess I only have one person to thank for that."

Monday came. As usual, I skipped PE to go to the guidance counsellor, Mr. Smith.
"Morning, Sir." I greeted Mr. Smith happily.
"Ah, Demi. You seem in a glorious mood." Mr. Smith replied.
"I have had the craziest couple of months, Sir, but I think I may finally be happy with my life." I said with relief.
"Really? What's brought on such a glorious mood?" Mr. Smith asked, confused at my sudden love for life.
"Well, Sir, it's just Charlie. He's made me see my life's worth living. And that I can be happy." I replied without hesitation. Charlie had brought my life from rock bottom to cloud nine.
"Really?" Mr. Smith asked, unbelieving that a boy I had been in school with almost six years had become so important so suddenly.
"Sir, Charlie is amazing. He saved me and my sister from a beating, he loves me for who I am, sees past my scars, and sees the good in me. He know what it's like to be alone, to be just so sad that you just want to die. But he has come back from that edge. Then he went back to that edge, just to take me back with him. He loves me more than life itself. We never saw it coming, it hit us like a truck, but now we're so happy together, it's unbelievable. All we ever need was sitting right under are noses the whole time. We just couldn't see it."
"I'm not sure I know this boy. Can you describe him?"
"Yeah. He has short cropped, brown hair that's so soft. He has a baby face, but in a cute way, and a smile that would melt the hardest of hearts. He plays rugby like a star, and I love watching him play. His eyes, they're the deepest shade of brown, with a shine when he smiles that's just unforgettable. He has a strong body, but his arms are littered with scars, from his father's beatings and his self harm habits. He's gotten over his pain, and he's helped me get over mine. He's shown me that I don't need to hurt myself to relive pain. That I can write, I can sing, I can play. That the things I can do with my life are unlimited. He loves me. And I love him."
"That's lovely Demi. How did you two start going out?"
"Hah. It's a funny story, sir."
"Really? I'd love to hear it."
"Well, I've got one person to thank. She may never have met me, I'll never meet her, nut me and Charlie owe her our relationship."
"Who is it?"

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