Loves worst. Nightmare

If u do not know who McFly is search them up on utube


1. RUNNNN!!!!!!!!!

BANG BANG on the door. It was soooo loud i needed to get away from here he kept coming he scared me and finnaly bang the door fell down he kept coming ever since my mum and dad died i was an only child so the only family i have was my uncle my rapist uncle i moved away from him as soon as my parents died and lived in my own house i never planed to leave home untill i was married but thats when they died in a car crash and i survied i was turning twenty in december but still was single but he walked in to my room witch where i was in and ordered me to get on the bed with a gun pointing at me. i couldntnt not do it other wise he would shoot so i hoped on the bed and started to take off my shirt off the ussual dill of sex but i was being raped i was planning to escape but i didnt know how or when then the door knocked and he went down to get it but before leaving the room he said to me if you leave or move you dead and then he was gone and down the stairs and at the door i checked to see if he was there and not looking at me and when i saw that he wasnt i walked off quickly and quietly to my room grabbed a bag and packed some clothes and then ra to the spare room quietly opened the creaky window and then climbed out and grabbed the pipe by now my uncle had come back and was looking around and found that i was gone i heard him breaking my coboards trying to find me he walked into the spare room and stared to pull the doors off the cabinet and checked inside eventually he couldnt find me i quickly started to slide down the pipe knowing that he would lookout the window next when i was three floors to the ground he lookd out the window and shouted FOUND YOU and chucked a knife it hit my hand i screamed in pain and let go of the pipe i feel the next two floors and hit the ground falling on my leg i was in pain i cryed but i knew that he would check the window again to see if i was still alive i got up using my bloody hand and my leg that was ripped to shreads but the shatted glass that was lying on the ground i looked up at the window my uncle didnt look happy about me still being alive he ran awayfrom the window icould tell that he was heading for the door so i started to run i was in soo much pain but i didint care i just wanted to get out of his sight i ran down acouple of streets i was running as fast as i could in fact after i was about a mile away from my house i was out of breath ussualy i could run two miles and still not be out of breath but i dont ussually have any injuries i stoped for a breather when i heard his voice i was thinking about where i should go to get away from him (infact i then realized i dont even call my uncle uncle and i was woundering why i was doing it today i hated him so i always called him miles because he hated the name)

i then hearded miles shouting from behind so i suddenly turned a corner and jumped into the bushes by now my leg had stoped bleeding and the bush scratched it now but my fist was still bleeding like hell it wouldnt stop. then i saw miles conerse shoes and held my breath as not to make a noise i expected him to stop look at the bush and pull me out but he justed stoped but eventaly he looked at the bush had he spotted me...

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