Justin Bieber story (JB)

Skylar is going to Atlanda for summer to see her bestfriend avery who is best friend with Chaz, Ryan and Justin. Theyre just teenagers who have fun but... Keep reading, maybe something could change? :)


4. What a shame

(i just want to remind you that i'm sorry for the missed spellings, i am not english!)

Oh my God, this movie was just horrible! Several times everybody saw me in bra and drunk or just kissing some randomn guys at parties. I was sooo ashamed that i was hidding in the couch's pillows! The worst was that every guys (Justin, Chad and Ryan) were litterally enjoying all the movie without saying a word, just looking at the screen. Avery noticed that and started laughing and so do i. During a moment where i was in bra and with cat whiskers on my cheeks, i saw Justin smirking and that makes me happy to be honest. If something could happen between me and him, i wouldn't say no! After the movie, we decieded to go to the swimming pool. Me and Avery went upstairs to put on our swimwears. We got to the swimming pool and the 3 of them checked us out.

"Seriously guys?!" said Avery while raising her arms in the air. I started laughing and Justin winked at me. They were already in the swimming pool so i turned around to put my towel on a long chair when i felt wet arms being rapped around my waist. I turned my head and saw Justin who was smirking and hiding his head in my neck

"Justin stooooop!" That's when Justin's body and mine hit the cold water.

I know it's short but since I don't have a lots of readers... Anyways tadadadada they're getting very close! What do you think? :) kisses

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