Justin Bieber story (JB)

Skylar is going to Atlanda for summer to see her bestfriend avery who is best friend with Chaz, Ryan and Justin. Theyre just teenagers who have fun but... Keep reading, maybe something could change? :)


5. Kiss


His arms were stil around me and we were face to face. Me and him were still laughing at what just happened.

"You are so annoying! Do you know that?" I said

"Oh really?" He replied smirking.

"Hey guys how about we all go to Marley's party tonight?" Chaz suddenly said.

I had actually no idea who was Marley but oh well a party is always good! We all said yes and by the time they boys went home to prepare and same for me and Avery.

"I don't know what to weaaaar"

Avery started to look at my suitcase and got a short black dress.

"How about this one?" She said smirking.

I got changed in this shorty black dress. I did my makeup which consist in eye liner, mascara and since it was a party, a little eyeshadow. I straightened my hair and went to see Avery who was curling her hair.

"Do I look okay?" I asked

Avery turned around and didn't say word for about 30 seconds.

"Omg that's not fair! You are absolutely stunning sky, I swear!"

"Aww so are you! I'm so happy to be here this summer! I missed you so much!" I replied pulling her into a hug.


It was now time to go to the party. We said to the boys that we would meet them there. We put on our heels and we were ready to goooo.

*skip to the party bc lazy hehe*

It has been about 30 min since we arrived and we haven't already saw the guys. Don't get me wrong, I kinda start liking justin, I mean I like hanging out with him!

"I'll go dance" I said to Avery.

I went to the dance floor and I started to dance. We all had a couple of drinks so I was kinda happy, I would laugh everytime someone would say something. Couple of boys started to come to me asking if I wanted to dance with them, I ignored them. That's when I felt somebodys hands on my waist.

"Hey, you look absolutely stunning" Justin whispered in my ears (from behind). I immediately knew that I was justin because I've recognized him. We were sexy dancing, him behind me, when he pulled my hair away from my neck. I exactly knew what was going on, so I turned my head and bam! Our lips touched. He immediately asked for an entrance. We were making out just in the middle of the dancefloor so I broke the kiss and grabbed his hand. I turned my head to see him, and I smiled. He smiled back and I dragged him outside.

We were in front of the house, I placed my hands in both of his cheeks. He started to kiss me

"How (kiss) can (kiss) you (kiss) be (kiss) so (kiss) pretty?" I laughed.

"Hey, do you want to go swimming?" He asked. I gave him a weird look "why not".

Hope you guys liked. Some other moments like this one are coming up in the next chapter! Like comment and favourite if you want more! Xx sav

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