Justin Bieber story (JB)

Skylar is going to Atlanda for summer to see her bestfriend avery who is best friend with Chaz, Ryan and Justin. Theyre just teenagers who have fun but... Keep reading, maybe something could change? :)


2. I can teach you ;)

"Hi buddies" me and Avery said. They kept looking at me so I started to talk : "so you're Justin, obviously (pointing at Justin and he nodded) and you two are Ryan and Chaz right?" "Y-yeah i'm Chaz" one said "and im Ryan" said the other one, while winking at me; i laughed a bit."Alright, i'm Skylar". "yeah Avery told us about you" Justin said, smiling. Avery started : "hey guys, i'm gonna buy drinks, what do yall want?" "rootbeer!" they said. "i'll take an Arizona" i replied. "C'mon Sky don't play the good girl" she said, winking. "hey i just met them Av'" i replied, winking back. "Okay i'll be back in a minute, tell them if they're annoying you!" Avery said. "no worries" i replied smirking. You can tell i like teasing guys hahah. Avery left and we started talking:

ryan : "Soooo where are you from hottie"

I laughed; Me : "LA but i moved in Paris and thanks you, you'ren't that bad too hahah."

Ryan smirked and i smiled back.

Chaz : "so you should be a pro at french kisses, aren't you?" he winked. "i guess" i reply, smirking

Justin : "you should teach me one day" while smirking "As you want" i replied winking.

To be honest, i already had a preference, for Justin, even if Chaz and Ryan are cools and hot, i just see them as good buddies. I feel like i'm gonna have a good summer...

Avery arrived just as we were talking. She gave us our drinks and after talking a lot and laughing a lot, we decieded to go to Avery's house, to whatch a movie. We all sat in the couch and boys started fighting about the choice of the movie, then i got a text from my friend, Emma :"-Hope you'll have a great summer, and hope you didn't forget the movie that we all made you! Watch it! kisses, love you-".Ohhh yes, this movie! Let me explain: all my friends made me a movie about our "best moments", idk why say did it but i thought it was so cute, i have the best friends in the whole world hahah; i was popular at school but not like the girls in the american's movies, i was popular but i wasnt bullying people. I went to the room, took the dvd from my suitcase and made my way downstairs again. I explain the whole thing and they all wanted to watch it. I sat between Justin and Chaz and the movie started. The first thing written on the tv was "Hey girl, hope you'll like this movie, and it will remember you stuff.. ;)" Oh God i'm seriously gettting scared right now, i'm sure the hole video will be me, drunk.. not pretty to see lmao! The worst is coming... xD



Hey guys, so i'm Savannah and i started this story weeks ago but i'll continue it sooo yeah hope you like it and please comment if you like it, it means a lot to me! I'll update as soon as possible! -Much love Savannah x

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