Justin Bieber story (JB)

Skylar is going to Atlanda for summer to see her bestfriend avery who is best friend with Chaz, Ryan and Justin. Theyre just teenagers who have fun but... Keep reading, maybe something could change? :)


1. First.

This story will maybe have a lot of missplelling, i'm not english, so don't leave rude comments about how i cant write. kisses buddies


Hi im Skylar, im 17 and i live in paris, france but im american because i left america when i was like 7. I used to live in the suburbs of LA with my mom, and little sis'. My dad left us when i was 7 (thats why we moved too..) My sister's name is Mckenna but oviously we call her Kenna. My bestfriend (Avery) and i keep talking on differents medias even if ive left. She moved and went to Atlanta, Georgia and this summer, im gonna see her! *Yaaayyy* i'll stay for like 1-2 month(s) in her house because her parents are going in Bahamas for 1month. I love her sooo much, she is my bitchy hahah, i mean when im with her i can do whatever i want and i dont care about anything.

Okay so maybe youre wondering how i look like?! I'm a bit tall, skinny, long straigh brown hair, brown eyes and i dont wanna be a bitchy but i know that i look good.

Right so im in the airport. I hugged my mom and sister an other time
"be careful sweetheart" mom said.
"Yeah mom dont worry! Ill call you or text you every day, love yall!" i replied
I grabbed my two pink zebra suitcase ans walked on the plane. I sat and there was already a women. Huh. Anyways i took my ipod and started listening to music.

Finally the plane landed. I was looking for Avery when i saw her "Summer 2013 bitchyyy" she said runing towards me and hugging me. Everyone looked at us awkwardly but like i said, i dont care about what people when im with her "Aw i love you, its gonna be awesome!" i replied kissing her cheek. Her parents just left so we took their car and i sat on the passager seat. I grabbed my iPhone and texted my mom when Avery's phone ...... "Can you take that?" She said while staying consentrated on the road "yeah its from...(i looked at the screen) Ryan" i replied while touching "awnser" on her phone? "Hey sexy Ry-Ry" i said. Avery and i started laughing; i didnt know about who he was and i didnt know about any of her friends either, here, in Atlanta, but i just thought it was funny. "Uhm hey sexy voice hahah, this isnt Avery isn't it?" "Nah im Skylar, her bitchy, she is driving so yeah.. Sup?" i replied. "Mmh kay, well i was just wondering if you'd like to hang out?" he asked. I looked at Avery and she nooded "We're in" i said. "Be at the basketball area at 3pm shawties". i laughed and hung up. During the drive moment, Avery told me about her friends and more about her best friends, Chaz, Ryan and Justin. Yep my best friend is bestie with the Justin Bieber. Lots of girls would freak out and got that Bieber fever thing right? hahah no im okay with that. I mean c'mon, who doesnt think Justin's hot? I dont really listen to his music but i'll just say that he is my type of guy hahah. She explained me that Justin was back in Atlanta in the summer and i was a bit to see all of them! I know, some people will think its weird to have guys for bestfriends but i think its pretty cool. Oh yeah and me and Avery are a bit dirty minders i mean cmon who isnt? hahah.


We arrived at Avery's place and i went upstairs with my suitcases, in Avery's room. I'm gonna sleep with her because i didn't want to sleep alone, don't jugde! I opened my suitcase and took a short short with indien disyn on it and a short blue Hollister tee-shirt where you could see a bit of my belly. I took my iphone and went outside where Avery was waiting for me.

We arrived next to a basketball area and 3 boys went meeting us. One of them murmurded "damn" and the Justin and the other boy nooded. The 3 of them checked me out (i was okay with that hahah). I laughed a little and Avery rolled her eyes while laughing.


(A/N) Please comment or vote if you like it because i wont uplaod if i have none of thoses! :) Kisses buddies

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