I Shouldn't Have Tweet you

Different One Direction, stranger compared to the band you idolized and love: four spoilt brats, vain, rude and under the control of the greed manager.
Four? Why four?
Because the only one with the feet on the ground is him, Niall Horan.
Painfully aware, darkly discontent and highly pessimistic, in a moment of boredom set up a fake account on Twitter, belonging to an immaginary girl, Abigail O'Donnell.
It all started like a stupid game, but Niall will be able to free himself to the suffocating grip of lies and falsehoods designed by himself?
You think so? Even if Cupido get in the way and mess all it up? Are you of the same opinion as before?
To find out the truth all you have to do is read c:


1. Introducing me

I was bored.

All started because of this, like it was a game, just because I was bored.

My name is Niall Horan, and I'm 1/5 of One Direction.

And I hate that.

At the beginning I thought all was great, that Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam were the best friend that I could meet in the earth, and that X Factor and the band were the coolest things that could ever happen to me.

I was wrong.

It was just annoying be always always always under the big spotlight of the media, every moments of the day, every day of every week for two years.

Managers told you what to say, what to not say, in which way you had to comb your hair, what you have to wear, how to behave, even the way you should sat!

The reporter never took seriously what you had to say, and always asked the same question over and over again, until you were sick.

The song wern't personal, because we didn't write them, and the lyrics were nothing special, nor new or revolutionary, just commercial.

At least the band member, you'd ask, at least them can be saved?

No. Of course not.

Do you want the truth?

Gosh, Zayn is a dirty vain snooty, like a model, him and Perrie, like Ken and Barbie, always invited at the most fashionable parties, with their expensive car, jewels, hairspray and their idiot clothes.

Harry is a first class whoremonger. And an ipocrit. He pretend to be the paladin of love and the stereotype of the blue prince for all the teenager, but in the end he flirts with 45 years old women, and all he cares is hook up.

"At my age" he says "Love don't exist, only sex"

You idolized him again now? You call him again "Puppy" "Love" "Sweety"?

And we want to talk about Louis? He don't care about music, he isn't the Peter Pan forever young that stole yor heart.

For a bunch of pound he could do anything. All he cares is money, and because of that he's the one who most stay in touch with the managers, and plans new strategy to earn more.

Like if having an One Direction Iphone, One Direction Hair iron and even some One Direction dolls wasn't enough.

Liam on the other hand, is cool. Or at leats, he was until Danielle broke up with him.

Now he drag himself from a stage to another, with is little shaved head and an emo expression, so for the moment my only alley is K.O.

You are surely wondering what am I like.

Well, I don't like put makeup on, and I don't really care about clothes and style.

In the evening, after the commitments of the day I don't have the physic strenght to drag myself around pub and nightclub to flirt and tug the first girl I meet.

I think is disgusting and grotesque take advantage of our fans like this, but it seems I'm the only one with this opinion.

I know I don't have a beautiful voice, compared to the other's, and I know that we are popular and sell merchandise just because little girls like us.

I don't play along to be a rockstar.

If come out an article about us, where the reporter values us in an objective way, I don't go complain with the manager because it doesn't compliments to us, because I know that most things they say to us isn't the truth...

But let's go back in those afternoon, before the show.

Zayn was stuck inside the bathroom of our palatial changing room, Harry was on the phone with his mother, Louis with the mnager and Liam was nowhere to be found.

I was tweeting to our fans, to kill the time.

I did it often, because I knoe it pleased, even if not as Zayn's or Harry's tweet, that were more loved and appreciated.

Obviously after a few second my timeline was full of messagges that only said "Follow me <3 1345" and others supplications.

My phone got stuck, fact that annoyed me very much.

I loved tweet on Twitter, I had an account even before became famous that I used to chat with friend far away from home, or nice people met in soccer blog...

The screen went white and then lighted up again linking with the home page ot Twitter.


"Welcome to Twitter. Find out what's happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about"


My look got captured by the Sing in window.

Was a boost, in an istant.

Exactly, I filled all the camps.


Name and Surname: Abigail O'Donnell

Email: dirtydog@yahoo.uk

Password: I'mNiallHoran1993


Everything started from there: that account in a short time became the center of my world, my drugs, and from that moment, my life changed.

In a better or in a worse way is what you have to say...








Camille Corner ^.^

Hi :)

Good evening, I'm Camille and I'm italian, 17 years old, in love with One Direction <3

Writing is like breathing for me, so I decided to translate some of my Fanfiction in English.

Feel free to correct me if I mistaken or spell wrong some words.

It will help me to improve :)

I hope you liked (and understand XD) this prologue and you'll suscribe to let me know :D

Nice to meet you all and kiss xoxo

Ps: I just wanted to say that in this chapter Niall insult hte guys, but I didn't mean to offend them, is just for the good of the story...

You'll see in the next chapter, if I decided that is worth go on :)

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