A Glance Was All it Took

Erica Can't Stand Harry Styles She Hates Him but What Happens if Harry Likes Her?? Read Up And Find Out!!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3 MERP!!!



                                                   Harry's POV



               After she got her casts on i asked for her number she said it broke in the accident. So I brought her to a phone store She got an IPhone 5 with an orange cat case. She was adorable. I got her number and drove her home "Bye Harry call you later" "Bye babe oh and you can't call me if I cal you first" I said and winked at her and she blushed "Your cute when you blush. She blushed is harder "Bye Erica" She walked throught the door and closed i jumped out of the car and jumped aroud "YEAH!!" she peeped out her window and started laughing My face was a deep red from emarasment "Your So Cute" she said. and I said "Bye Babe!" Jumped in my car ad drove off. I really liked her.


               Erica's POV


                I walked through the door and screamed "OMG" i liked him. HOW COULD I DO THIS!! I've always hated him now I like him. But he was totally different then what i thought he was. He was Really cool He had a great sense of humor. I looked out the window and saw him jumping around.



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