A Glance Was All it Took

Erica Can't Stand Harry Styles She Hates Him but What Happens if Harry Likes Her?? Read Up And Find Out!!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter 2


                       POV Harry's POV


            I was just sitting there staring at her the anxioty was killing me. The phrase kept bouncing around in my head 'This is all My Fault' I looked over at her lifeless body. She was beautiful. Then my hone was ringing and I heard 'White Lips Pale Face Breathing in Snow Flakes Burnt Lungs Sour Taste...' I looked over him but he yelled again say to see that is was Zayn Calling. "hello..." I said quietly "what the Hell is going on Harry your all over the news what the fuck happend!?!" I was about to answer when i heard louis freindly voice "Hey Harry are you okay?" "Yeah I am Physically But Not emocionally" (<<Ispelled that wrong I think) "what happend Harry" "Wel I was Signing Autograph for our fans and i saw The most Amazingly beautiful girl" i paused for a moment "then she caught me staring and ran off and i ran after her then she ran across the street but stopped in the middle to see if i was still following her and there was a truck c,c,coming and it well sorta you know" I paused again "Hit her" i said as tears fall domn my cheeks. "oh Harry is she okay" "yeah The doctor said they put her in and induced coma and that she should wake up any second" "Oh thats good when do we get to meet her" "you can meet her now if you want" "no im hanging out with the boys now but maybe some other time" "oh Okay Lou See you soon" "Bye Boo Bear I Love You" he says making kissy sounds than hangs up. Just than as if on cue She wakes up. I watch as her eyes flutter open. "Morning beautiful" "oh great it's you" she says with a blank face.



                                               Erica's POV


                   As My eyes Flutter open I hear "Morning Beautiful" "Oh great its you" I say "What are you doing here" "keeping you company, babe" Did he just call me babe wait what the hell am i thinking thats Harry Styles. "You Don't Have to do that you can leave" "no I wanna stay" It Wasn't a question" "Oooooo Pretty Girl Is Fiesty I like It" "UHGGG" "SO I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time" "No Way Notta Chance" "Oh Come on Just One Date" "No Just cause your Harry Styes doesn't mean that every girl is in love with you" "I'm Not telling you to fall in love with me just go on one date with me come on please" he said trying to put on a frowny face. Then the doctor came in "Hello Erica Glad To See Your Awake My Name is Josh But You Can Call Me Dr.Carter" "yeah Just Woke Up" " okay as you can see here You have a Broken arm And Three broken ribs"





                       "As You Can See Here You Have a Broken Arm And Three Broken Ribs" she tried to sit up to see But Then she gasped in pain "Oh Babe Are You Okay" "Stop calling me babe" she snapped at me. "So What Color cast would you like" "ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE I WANNA ORANGE ONE!!!" she said screaming like a little kid. It was adorable. I started laughing "whats so funny" she said "you your adorable" she blushed "Well its my favorite color" "Really Mine too" I said Honestly.





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