A Glance Was All it Took

Erica Can't Stand Harry Styles She Hates Him but What Happens if Harry Likes Her?? Read Up And Find Out!!!!!!!!!


1. Chaper 1:))


                                                        Erica's POV


               I walked out of Starbucks and then of course as if my day wasn't bad enought I saw him. Harry Styles.  UUHHGG! I hated how full of himself he was. He was being mobed by fans at the moment. Giving autographs to all his little fans. But i Couldn't care less. I mean He was just another famous face. Then we made eye contact and I looked away I could feel his eyes on me. I looked back and he smirked his sexy smirk at me and I gave him a look of disgust and walked away as he was calling after someone I looked at him he was calling after me. "Het you, wait up!!" he yelled after me. I just kept walking hopeing he'd stop. I ganced back as i croosed the street not paying attention. "WATCH OUT!!" He yelled. I looked back and the next thing I saw was black.


                                                              Harry's Pov


     I was signing autographs and I looked around wow theres alot off fans then i saw her she was stunning. She was at least 5'4 Light brown hair. She was fit. I realy liked her. She caught me Checking her out and she looked away and started walking away. "No Wait" i yelled she lookedback and kept on walking I ran after her. I couldn't let her go. I needed her. "Hey You, Wait!!" She was in the middle of the road and a truck was coming. OH MY GOT SHE GONNA GET HIT!! "WATCH OUT!!!!!" i yelled and ran  faster she looked back as the truck hit her. I could fee tears forming in my eyes. This is all my fault. I dialed an ambulance and it arrived minutes later. "We Will take it from here Mr.Styles." The Man Said. "No way I'm Coming With" I said "This Is my fault"





       **AUTHORS NOTE** This is my first book I hope its not bad sorry for mis spelled word :))

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