All They See Are Scars.

A girl named Lynn Is being bullied constantly and resorts to self-harm. Hoping that one day she will escape it all. One day a new kid comes along. He grows an interest for Lynn and wants to know more. Case finds himself slowly becoming closer to Lynn. He grows an attraction for her but doesn't realize it. Until one day the bullying caused Lynn so much heart ache that she cuts too deep. He thought they had stop with their mind games and is angry at how he didn't realize how Lynn felt. He stays by her side praying that she wakes up.


1. The New Kid

No one understands. All they are seeing are my scars, not understanding all the pain I've had to go through. They judge me silently without even knowing what I've had to go through. Never have they ever tried to talk to me and figure out why I have all these scars plastered on my skin. My heart aches for someone to care and not to judge. I want someone to ask and worry about whats ever happened. Not be judged, not to be hurt even more, not to add more scars. not let the tears fall again.

They only thing I feel is the sensation of the knife cutting through my skin, letting the blood leak out. I cut again and again. The only thing running through my mind is the want for more, the pain I've had throughout my life, and every hurtful thing they've ever said to me. Letting my thoughts go with each thought, hoping that one day they'll give up and finally quit. For them to let me be they way I want without having to worry about what they will say next.. It's all I wish for and only what I wish for.

I lay my head back aganist the off-white wall of my bathroom. My thighs and wrists have even more new cuts with the old, white, faded ones. My once perfect skin ruined; now plastered with old and new scars from memories I can still remember to this day. All the hurtful words spitted out of their mouths like venom.

I set my razor back in the box and hide it underneath all the makeup I used to wear until it all started. I used to cover up each and every scar with foundation. I stopped though giving up on trying and giving into to each posinous word that spewed from their mouths. I stood up and grabbed the first aid kit opening it for bandages. Covering the cut, swollen flesh while coming up with yet another lie to tell my mom. She worrys all the time although I wish she wouldn't.

I open the door, wincing at the pain of having to twist my wrist. The pain surging through reminding me yet again of what they've said. I itch for more, wanting to be reminded how worthless I am. Wanting all the words to dissapear into thin air like I normally do. But my mom is home and I can't do anymore. Maybe later at night when she's asleep. She's a heavy sleeper so it shouldn't it matter if I wince out in pain. Just save all thoughts for later.

My hands slipped into my front pockets of my jeans as I strided down the stairs. My mom looked at my wrists seeing the bandages. Worry filled her eyes, but I refused to let it get to me and planned out my new lie for the bandages that are now attached to my skin. I put my best smile but I just couldn't yet, not when my heart ached from those venomus words. Hopefully she'd fall for it like all the other times.

"Hey." My voice cracked a bit but she never noticed.

"Hey darling," Her voice merry as ever, I wish I could be like her. "Honey, what did you do this time?" She asked as pointing to my banadages.

"Oh this? I was skateboarding with Ann and I fell on my wrists." I skifully lied, not showing any proof of the fact it wasn't true.

"Haha Lynn, You really are a klumsy one aren't you?" She laughed it off like usual. But this time without the worry. Maybe she finally realized that I wanted to be left alone and that she couldn't help me no matter how much she wnated to. It kinda hurt to know that she gave up but it's better than the posinous words that run through my veins forcing me to slowly hurt and hope that one day it will all just leave me and attck some one else. Hopefully they won't be as bad as I am and will just shrug it off like normal people usually do.

 I walk over to the island and starting putting the canned groceries in the pantry. "So mom, whats for dinner?" I asked, wincing a bit because of my wrists.

"Oh um I'm going out with a customer tonight so you have to cook something yourself.

"Oh. Ok." I watched her walk out of the room to get reay for her dinner. I really wish she'd just saty at hom, she always gone leaving me alone to my thoughts. At least I don't have to worry about her finding me. I wouldn't be able to handle all the hurt if she found out what I've been doing. Her heart would break into about a million pieces. Then she'd leave just like my dad did 2 years ago.

I really have no idea what to do. There's nothing around my house and my "friends" left when they found out. I truly have nothing to do. I finshed all my homework yesterday and I didn't get any today. I just walk back up stairs to lay on my bed, just thinking what my life could be like. How much better it could've been if i didn't show them. Maybe I'd have a social life, friends, maybe just maybe.

 I let my eyes close falling into sweet and peacful sleep. Maybe I'll never wake up and never worry about what they say and how it sticks to my skin, crawling around my brain, and just taunting me to no end. Running around as fast as they can making it imposssible for me to catch them. Hiding in places I can't find, forcing me to give up. Making me hate myself and wish I was never born.

When I wake up the sun is barely out,  making a soft, warm, yellow blend with the blueness of the sky. Not a single cloud in the sky causing the secene look prettier that it should be. I stretchy my arms, forgetting about my recent cuts. Pain shot through my arm making ti impossibl to not cry out in agony. I think I reopened one of the wounds, meaning more band-aids will be need.

I picked out a pastel purple sweater and throw it on with a pair of black skinny jeans, and my all black vans.  I walk into my bathroom. My hair is an utter mess, forcing me to brush it out and throw my black beanie one. I then brush my teeth and walk down stairs to make my self some breakfast. Cinnamon toast was my only option considiring the bus came in 20 minutes. I finshed up and grabbed all my books and shoved them in my bag.

As I walked to the bus stop I realized that there was a kid who was new. Maybe it was a time to make a friend. He was stunning long, dark, brown hair that swopped ove to the right, and amazingly icy, blue eyes. " Um hi, I said quitely to the boy. "Are you new here?"

"Oh Hi. Yea I am. My name's Case and yours?" His voice was memerizing.

"I'm Lynn. It's nice to meet you. I can show you around if you don't mind."

"Haha I'd love for you to do that. Mind if I sit by you on the bus?"

"Umm if you'd like to.  I wouldn't mind at all." I smiled at him. The first in ages. It suprised me quite a bit but he simled back just as the bus came.

He followed me down the aisle, coming sit next to me. He ignored all the stared he was getting, he probably just didn't notice them.  " I hope you don't mind but why are people starring?" It hurt me to now I'd have to tell him now. But he'd find out sonner or later so it din't matter. I pulled up my seleve, reaviling some faded scars. He reached out and slowly traced reach and every scary, one by one.

 Authors Notes: Sorry for such a short chapter. Trust me the reast will be a lot longer than this one. It's just to get the main, basic idea going. :) I will draw the characters out sometime to give you an idea of what they look like. Next chapter will have many intresting suprises and new characters. There's only a few important characters and a bunch of useless one that just bully her. I'm sorry. Don't kill me. Anyways, I'll update as soon as I can. Which might be quite often, considering I'm writing chapter 2 right now. :)

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