Misty is a girl bullied and alone her only dream is to meet kellin quinn and then she goes on tour with him . but he has a secret that will break her heart forever


1. misty

I sat there . I just sat there . I really didnt know what to do. . I've been bullied for as long as I can remember . imagine this . I'm a plain girl . plus ugly face and body plus scars on arms and legs. . thats me . I never imagined my life like this . my names Misty Blue yeah yeah get the laughs out of the way now kay . the only thing that kept mee alive was kellin Quinn you know who he ka right he's my saviour . I loved him more then I loved myself . I got called emo freak goth . but my hope that id meet Kellin one day kept me going . and id tell myself that. things were gonna get better even though I knew they werent . I kept getting worse . until the day we went to the big rock festival with school .....
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