Night strike

The virtual game of night strike. Based upon the real thing that happened every night outside the safety of the home. It was about avoiding being spotted and doing your best not to be killed. It was an adictive game. Anyone over 10 could enter the world and play. Unless you were band due to things you did. But only some went out and did it in real life, and survived. Like me. I hope.


3. Night Striker

I was a tad dazed for a moment; I mean I had just found out that the world had been lied to about the night strike. Sky came over and shook me out of my daze. “Hey, Stephan. Think about whatever later, we need to rest for a bit.” She told me as she shook my shoulders. It quickly brought me back. She handed me a hover board. I was a bit surprised, especially as she had only hers a few minutes ago. She pointed at a 3D printer. “I hacked into it and got it to print the hover board. It should be working. I sped the printer up, so it prints super-fast. I mean, these printers used to be so slow it would take a couple of hours to print a small sphere.” She told me. I hadn’t known that she could hack things but it did seem to suit her in a way. Sky got out her hover board, and jumped onto it. She turned around swiftly to face me. I held my hover board in front of me, unsure of what to do. Sky sighed loudly. “I suppose you don’t really know how to hover board, do you?” I let go of my hover board, and to my amazement it stayed up. I jumped onto it, as I had just seen Sky do. I quickly got my balance, and started to move forward. As Sky watched she called out to me. “You’re a natural, follow me, I’ll go slowly, you should be able to follow pretty easily.” She then headed of, letting me follow behind.


An hour of hover boarding later, I felt like I had mastered everything. I wasn’t as good as Sky, and I couldn’t go as fast, but I could stay on the board and go quite fast. I was proud of myself. Sky had just decided that we had better go and rest for a bit, and I had to agree with that. She hover boarded to her house, which was in the forest. It was a tree house, and it was well decorated. It had electricity, running water, lush rooms and beds, and it was modern. She had more of the glasses that we had been wearing, and she had a type of 3D printer that I had never seen before. I was going to ask her about it, but she had already taken off her glasses and fallen asleep on her bed. I took off my glasses, and wondered what to do. She had an old laptop open on the internet, but I decided that it was best to leave it alone. I went over to her fridge and had some packeted food. I didn't really know what it was, mostly as we tended to just have breakfast and food tablets. I put it in something called a microwave, and when it was done I ate the food. It tasted great, better than anything I had ever had. Looking around, there were no other beds in sight. So, I walked over to the bed Sky was in, got onto the other side, and promptly fell asleep.


Later in the evening I was woken up by a strange sound. I heard Sky groan as she rolled over, and she landed almost on top of me. She opened her eyes, taking a minute to adjust. She then streched her arm over me and did something, and the annoying sound that had woken me up stopped. “You ever had an alarm wake you up before?” Sky asked sleepily. Her voice sounded very different from yesterday. Suddenly she yawned, her hand quickly went up to her mouth and covered it. It was reasuring to see that even Sky could be tired.  Sky looked as though she might get up, before she crashed back down onto the bed. “Can you make some breakfast? There is cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge. I like the malted wheaties, you can have watever you want. Bowls and spoons should be out already. Bring them through once your done will you?” She told me, before going back to sleep. I sighed and did as she said.


At 21:00 we left Sky's house and headed outside. We both took our hover boards and went to look for a night striker. Sky was the first too find one. She stoped me quickly and pointed out a carefully concealed person, who I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. We seperated and approched him from opposite sides, and jumped on him. He was so surprised that he didn't react until we had almost finished tying him up. He struggled a good bit, but we managed to finish tying him up. Sky grabbed him and put him on her hover board, laying him flat out face down. Somehow she managed to hover board back to the treehouse with him on her board. When we finally made it Sky dragged him to the treehouse, just how she managed that I don’t know. She put him on a sofa, then paced around the sofa, probably thinking. I sat down on a chair opposite him and stared, trying to intimidate him, however I was mostly just looking at him and what he looked like. He had scrawny black hair, and dark eyes. He was dark skinned and I didn't really know how he became a night striker. He was glaring at me, and I wondered what he was thinking. Then, a few minutes later Sky broke the silence.


“Who are you?” Sky asked, directing the question to the unknown person. He turned to face her before answering. He looked her in the eye and said “Why should I tell you?” At this Sky smiled. “I thought this might happen.” She announced, looking scary. Then she brought out a gun. She showed him that it was fully loaded. “Now are you going to talk?” She asked, pointing it at him. He shuddered and held up his hands. “Ok, ok, I’ll talk. Just put down the gun. Please! I have a family I have to feed!” He basically shouted, scared out of his wits. “My name is Jonathon. Can you please put the gun down now?” He asked, unused to being on the other side of the gun. Sky kept held of the gun, but let her arm drop so that it was pointing down. “Why are you a Night Striker. I mean, you kill other people.” Sky asked. “I had to. We cant get anything. I believe it started with revenge though. One family gravely insulted another, causing fighting to break out. They started to kill random people in eachothers name. In the end, it became the Night Strike. They get anybody to kill others just to keep this going. They pay well, as long as you bring back the dead body. It’s the only way some people can earn money. I know its bad, but I have to keep my family alive.” As I listened, I realised what he was saying was, this was all ruled by two families. That was it. All this was based on revenge, a feud between two families. Sky was still pacing, even after Jonathon had stopped. Then she went over to her stash of glasses, and put her pair on. I knew that they were hers, as they fitted her perfectly. She then turned to face us. She was visible one moment, then gone the next. She had turned on the invisible function. “where are you going?” I asked wondering what to do now. She addressed both of us. “Stephan, you go home, don’t worry about this, I’ll sort this out. You can take the hover board if you want. Jonathon please stop this. Look, I’ll help you out. You can go. Now leave. See you.” What next? I wondered as I walked home.


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