Night strike

The virtual game of night strike. Based upon the real thing that happened every night outside the safety of the home. It was about avoiding being spotted and doing your best not to be killed. It was an adictive game. Anyone over 10 could enter the world and play. Unless you were band due to things you did. But only some went out and did it in real life, and survived. Like me. I hope.


2. glasses

“Don’t you know what these glasses can do?” A voice from nowhere asked. I looked around, suspicious. It sounded like Sky, so why couldn’t I see her? I took off the glasses, but I still couldn’t see her. I heard a giggle from behind me and I swiftly preformed a half twist, but there was nothing but air. “Put on the glasses and look at the green sign in the corner. Blink at it, read what it says then do that.” Sky told me, or at least the voice that sounded like hers told me. I did as it said. I put the glasses on again and looked for a green sign. I found it in the bottom right hand corner. I then proceeded to blink at it. A load of instructions popped up and occupied the screen, and as I read them I began to understand. These glasses could make you invisible.


I scrolled through the instructions, using my hand to scroll down. I could see where the scroll bar was in relation to my hand but it did feel strange to be doing this. Once I had finished reading, I closed the instructions and did as they said. After some fiddling, I managed to put on invisible mode. Then I spied Sky standing in front of a building. I casually wandered over, intending to surprise her. I thought I had approached silently however when I was about to reach out and touch her shoulder, she spoke. “Do you actually know what the Night Strike is about? I mean everybody plays the game, and some people venture outside. But does anybody understand why or how it started, or even know about it? I mean the only people who seem to know are the Night Strikers.”


As Sky said this I wondered what she was talking about. The real Night Strike was based upon the game, right? That was what we all knew, what we were told. The game had been created as a bit of fun. Something to do on a rainy day. However, some people had gone too far, and made it real. The game created the real thing. Right? As I thought about it, I realised that I didn't know for sure. Maybe Sky was right. I was still invisible due to the glasses, so I peered in through the window next to me. Normally I wouldn't be able to see in as the windows were tinted, however the glasses somehow made the tint ineffective and I could see right through. There was two people in there, and both of them were playing the game. Then I noticed an ancient game holder box thing in the corner. We didn't use that kind of thing anymore, even if we did they were of a different material that we could teleport from the shop. They hardly had any writing on. This was different. I got the glasses to zoom in on the box. I have no idea how I did it but I got them to zoom in, and I studied the game closely. It had a date of manufacture on it, and I looked closer at it, not wanting to believe it. I taped Sky on the shoulder and got her to have a look at the game box. She messaged me through the glasses, and after a bit of fiddling I worked out how to reply and tell her what I wanted to. She looked through the window and probably saw the box immediately. I don’t know what she did next but I knew that it was what she was looking for. Proof. The date on it was several years after the first recorded real Night Strike. So it was true. The game was based on the real thing.

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