Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


7. To Sarah's house

          ( Harry's POV )

       I started the car and drove away quickly.

   "This will probably be the last time I will get to see her. I need to tell her how I feel about her. And that we were best friends since we were little. " I whispered. I turned up the radio to keep me thinking about her.

They were playing What Makes You Beautiful. It reminded me of Sarah. I started to tear up a little. I never felt like this before. Then I heard a phone ring. It sounded like Louis's phone.

   "Louis are you in here?!"

    "NO! Uh... Leave a message after the beep. Beep!"

     "Louis I know you're under the blanket back there!"

     "I.. I'm not Louis! I'm uh... Niall!"


    ''Okay! Fine! Its me!" Louis sat up.

   "You don't need to be sad! Where's your happy face?!"

    "I'm not sad! I just feel bad for Sarah!"

     "You just said I need to tell her how I feel about her!"

     "Not like that I need to tell her that I'm going to miss her! Not that I l-love her!!" I started to blush. I looked away from Louis.

   "Whatever!" Louis said laughing.

   "Stop blushing! I know you like her!"

     "No I don't!"

      "O...KAY.. Don't complain to me if you don't tell her!"

     "Louis. Like I said I don't like her! I like her as a friend."


      "Stop saying O.....KAY! You're acting like a child!"

      "H..HOW am I acting like a child?!"

     "Well.. You always act like a child!"

      "What.. Ever.."

   "And how did you ever get out of the house"

    "The window.. And plus your door was unlocked."

    "Well duh!"

     " I sure am tired!" Louis said fake yawning.

 "Dude! Shut up for a second!"


     "Just be quiet!"

     I drove into Sarah's neighborhood. I saw her packing.

    "Why is Sarah packing?!" I asked to myself.

    "I don't know."  Louis replied.

    "Louis. I was talking to myself."

      "Well I didn't know!"

     I parked my car on the side of the street. I ran towards her house.


     "Harry?!" She yelled. "What are you doing here?"

     I ran up to her driveway.  "Why are you leaving?!"

     "W.. What are you talking about?!"

    "Why are you packing?!"

    " I'm helping my mom pack up to go to Hawaii."


      "She's going to visit my dad."

    "Why aren't you going?"

     "Because I don't want to and Me, Max, and Nathan don't like our dad."


       "Anyway I better get my mom and drive the to the airport."

      "Okay. See you later!"  

   "Uh... Yeah..."  She said walking away. I grabbed her arm.


    "Sarah! I'm not going to be able to see you again!" tears threatened to fall from my eyes.    "What?" she asked.

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