Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


13. The suprise (Harry's POV )

            (Harry's POV )

       "Uh. Thank you guys for everything!" Louis said getting into the tour bus.

  "Come on Harry! We aren't going to be waiting on you forever!" Zayn said teasingly.

   "You better watch out Zaynie boy!"

    "Haha! Very funny! But still we need to get going!" he yelled from the bus.


   "Please don't go Harry!" Max said running towards me.

  "I'm sorry bro. But I have too." I said walking up the steps.

   "Bye Harry!" Nathan said.

   I sat down on the couch In the tour bus. I look out the window and saw Max crying in Nathan's arms.  I couldn't stand watching it so I look away

. Louis had a surprise look on his face.   "So.. This is the first time I have ever seen you cry like this Harry.."

    "What?"  I lifted my hands ad touched my face. I didn't realize that I was crying. I looked back out the window quickly. Max was gone.


    "What's wrong Harry?" Niall asked.

    "Oh.. Its nothing." 

    The bus started.  Our driver started to look at the schedule.

  "Oh.. Looks like we are going to Texas next and then to Hawaii."

     "What?!"  I ran up to him quick. "Are you serious?" 

  "Yes look for yourself."   He showed me the list.

  "Woo-Hoo!"  I ran back screaming.  When I sat down I noticed all of the others were laughing.

  "Wow Harry. I have never seen you scream like that!" Niall said laughing his butt off. 

"HaHa very funny!"

   "But why were you screaming like that?" Niall asked chuckling.

   "Oh...Its nothing.."   I heard a laughing where all the beds were.

   "Wh...What was that?"  Liam asked frightened.

   "I.....don't know.. But I'm going to go find out.."  I said grabbing a pan from the cupboard.   I tiptoed to my bed. I opened it quickly.  "Max?!"

   "Oh... Hello Harry..."

     "What the heck are you doing here?"

    "I... I...."

    "Well... I'm waiting.." 

   "Okay! I wanted to stay with you and tell you my sister is..."

     "She's what?"

     "She's... She's... She's in love with you.. Ever since you two were little!"


   "Yeah! I want you two to be together!" 

  "Wait.. Why?" 

 "Because you two are meant to be!"   I slammed the pan on the floor.

  "Ah!" Max yelled.

  "Sorry.. Its just your sister doesn't like me.."

   "Yes she does!"

   "What the hell just happened?!"  Louis yelled from the front of the tour bus.

    "Nothing I just.... I just dropped my pan on the ground."

      "I'm coming in there!" 

   "Hide!"  I said pushing Max in Louis's bed.

   "Why the hell did you slam the damn pan on the ground."

   "Sorry. I just got mad!"


  "Uh... I...."

   "Well... When your mad don't be so loud! I was about to go to sleep! You know how grouchy I get when I don't get my sleep!"

   "Sorry Louis....." 

    "Its okay Little Harry.. Well bye now!" Louis walked out like nothing had happened.

"Okay Max the coast is clear." . Max looked like we was about to die.

"What was under there?!"

   "Maybe dirty boxers and dirty socks."

    "What the hell! You should of had told me before you pushed me under there!"

  "Sorry! Does Nathan know you're even here?"

     "Yes! He is hiding in the little trunk looking thing.."

     "Uh... We are going to be in here for 5 Days just so you know."

     "Oh... I thought we were going to be here for a hour.. Whoops!"

     "You're such a good little brother Max!"

   "I know right!"

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