Love hurts ( 12+ only )

Sarah is a normal girl who is living a normal life. But, on the last day of school One Direction was there. Could she run into one of the band members? But will this cause One Direction a lot of drama? Or could she know the one of the members already? And will a killer come? Soon you will find out.


8. The pain

                 (Sarah's POV )

  I felt my heart In pain. It feels like someone said the same thing before I lost some of my memory.

"I will never get to see you!" He said hugging me.

   "Harry..."   I started to cry too. I felt comfortable around Harry. I don't know why.

Louis ran over to us.  "GROUP HUG!"  He hugged us tightly I couldn't breath.

   "Louis." I said gasping for breath.

   "OH! Sorry."

     "So you're leaving tomorrow." I asked glumly.

    "Yes. Apparently." Louis said sadly.

  My mom ran to the car. "We better get going!" She yelled while getting into the car.

 I hugged Louis and Harry.

  "I'm going to miss you guys! Tell the others I will miss them too." I said getting in the car. 

"Wait!" Louis yelled.


   "Harry needs to tell you something." Louis pushed Harry towards me.

 "Uh.. I.... I hope you can visit us sometime." Harry said. Then he smiled sadly.

  "I hope so too." I said getting in the car.

    "Bye!" I said.

  "Bye!" They both yelled sadly.

I looked outside my window and saw Harry tearing up.

 "We didn't know each other very long though." I thought in my head.

 My mom started the car quickly, and started backing out. Then drove away slowly.

              (Harry's POV) 

"I don't think she remembers me. I should of told her friend  about how I know her." I said sadly. 

"You think.. Oh.. But how did you know her?" Louis asked.

   "We were best friends before I was on the X Factor. She was sad I had to leave for a long time."

    "What happened after that?" Louis asked sadly.

  "The day I had to leave she followed me to the airport. When I boarded the plane she went outside where the airplanes were. When we started moving she chased after the plane. And all of the workers were chasing after her. But, she ran so fast no one caught up with her. Then she grabbed onto the plane. The plane started to take off then her hand slipped off the plane."

   "What happened?"

   "She fell off... We were 10 feet high. Everyone was surprised she survived. And I'm really happy."

    "But how did you know what happened?"

   "Well, I called Sarah but her brother picked up instead. He said she was still at the hospital."     

"Oh. I feel bad for Sarah now." Louis said.

   "She was my first crush. We did know each other when we were kids. We were  best friends ." 

"Oh... Wait! She was your first crush?!"

     "Whaaaaaaat? No..."

     "Oh Harry! We better get going!!! Its 2:00 am!"  Louis yelled.

     "Oh.... O-Okay.." I said walking away.

   " Come on Harry! There is plenty of other fish in the sea!" Louis said happily.

   "Not to me! Sarah is the only fish that I will like!"

    "Geese! You do like Sarah! That was funny though!"

     "HA HA very funny!" I said sarcastically.

   "We better get going!"

    ".... Okay... I guess this is goodbye Sarah!" I said about to cry.

    "But.. She already left though.."

      "I know! this neighborhood will be a memory to me.."   I said getting into the car.

  "Its okay.. We might see her again.."

      "Yeah MIGHT not will.."       I started the car. I started to cry a little bit.

    "Maybe I should drive!" Louis said.


 We both got out of the car and switched sides.   Louis started to drive. Then the car broke down. 

"Damn!!!" Louis said.  "Stupid old car!"

    "Louis! Its just a car!"


    "We need to think of a plan." I said rubbing my chin.

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